Aug 6 2007

In Memoriam

My godmother Karen died of ovarian cancer in 2003. Karen was an all-around fantastically awesome person who loved to cook and entertain, and her daughter Alison has made a cookbook from her colle...

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Aug 5 2007

Poltergeist, by Kat Richardson


Kat Richardson’s Poltergeist (sequel to 2006’s Greywalker) is a sharp, sinister urban fantasy that blends storytelling with Seattle history. Painstakingly researched and intelligent, this series is perfect for fantasy/horror fans looking for something more than a spine-tingling cheap thrill...

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Aug 3 2007

*Not* an alphabet book

Roald Dahl fans take note: the paperback edition of Wendy Cooling's D is for Dahl: A Gloriumptious A to Z Guide to the World of Roald Dahl, is due out on August 16th. Dahl was just as weird as an...

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Aug 2 2007

The Hollywood gods are smiling.

For once, a trend we can encourage: making movie or tv adaptations of books that we haven't read and don't give a damn about.Example number one:Gossip GirlThe only reason we're even remotely inter...

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Aug 1 2007

Lisa Kleypas rides again!

Beloved Wordcandy author Lisa Kleypas will be releasing a new historical romance, Mine Till Midnight, on October 2nd. If interested, you can read a snippet from this novel here.Note: We hate to c...

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Jul 31 2007

Could it be...?

Is Scott Westerfeld actually going to give us... closure? Is he feeling feverish? Okay, so our hopes aren't high, but we're happy to see that there's going to be fourth book set in Westerfeld's ...

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Jul 30 2007

Will the Vampire People Please Leave the Lobby?, by Allyson Beatrice


Will the Vampire People Please Leave the Lobby?: True Adventures in Cult Fandom, Allyson Beatrice’s collection of essays about her experiences as a hardcore Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan, is a...

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Jul 27 2007

*anime-style spinning eyes*

TOKYOPOP has their new website up, and it's totally overwhelming. I hate to say it, because I'm sure their web developers worked really, really hard, but any website that has to feature a huge "H...

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Jul 26 2007

Leonie Swann

Leonie Swann is the German author of the internationally best-selling detective novel Three Bags Full, one of our "Featured Book" picks. According to her publishers, Ms. Swann has degrees in phil...

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Jul 26 2007

Three Bags Full, by Leonie Swann


The set-up is stock casual mystery: in a rural Irish town, a friendly, reclusive shepherd is found dead in his pasture with a spade in his stomach. Everyone in the town had a reason to not only want him dead, but also to fear his death. None of the locals, including the police, care to investigate. Instead, the mystery is left to be solved by a set of lovable amateurs—the shepherd’s abandoned flock...

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Jul 26 2007

Wordcandy loves the annotated editions

I love W.W. Norton's collection of annotated classics. I own both The Annotated Alice: the Definitive Edition and The Annotated Brothers Grimm--which we reviewed--and I aspire to one day own a cop...

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Jul 25 2007

A Nail Through the Heart, by Timothy Hallinan


Recently, we've been in something of rut here at Wordcandy. If it wasn't a book about a boy wizard (you wouldn't believe how many Harry Potter rip-offs we get), it was a YA romance. Don't get us w...

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Jul 24 2007


Why, Hollywood, WHY?!?Why isn't Will British? Why is there a romantic subplot? Why are there magical hijinks? WHY DID THEY EVEN MAKE THIS TRAVESTY?

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Jul 23 2007

RIP, Kathleen E. Woodiwiss

Kathleen E. Woodiwiss, author of the bodice-ripper classic The Flame and the Flower (book #1 on our Worst So-Called "Fun" Books Ever list) died Friday, July 6, 2007. She was 68.While Ms. Woodiwis...

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Jul 21 2007


Well, I've finished the last Harry Potter book, and I'm going to do my best to give a quick, decent, almost-spoiler-free review. I'd divide it into the usual "Good, Bad, Ugly" categories, but tha...

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Jul 20 2007

Harry Potter Activities, Part V

So now it's Friday, and you haven't made a single plan. You haven't ordered your copy of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. You didn't make arrangements to hang out with your fellow book geek...

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Jul 19 2007

Harry Potter Activities, Part IV

While there are great HP-release party options on the East and West Coast, Midwesterners might be having the most hardcore HP shindigs. Two Ohio towns, Wilmington and Hudson, will be turning thei...

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Jul 18 2007

Harry Potter Activities, Part III

If you're within a hundred miles of Portland, Oregon, the Harry Potter release party at Powell's Bookstore sounds like an event not to be missed.Starting around 4PM, Couch Street will be closed to...

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Jul 17 2007

Harry Potter Activities, Part II

If you're going to be in New York this weekend, and for some reason you can't make one of the midnight parties, the Strand Bookstore in New York City (the "18 miles of books" place) is having a Ha...

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Jul 17 2007

The Night of the Solstice, by L.J. Smith


If L. J. Smith’s reputation rested solely upon her first novel, 1987’s The Night of the Solstice, and its sequel, 1990’s Heart of Valor, she might have been ranked among the classic children’s aut...

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Jul 16 2007

Harry Potter Activities, Part I

This week we'll be focusing on various Harry Potter-related activities scheduled around the country. If you're not a HP fan... uh, sorry. Check back next week.But if you ARE a HP fan, and you're g...

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Jul 13 2007

Harry Potter Toolishness, Part II

CURSE YOU, SIENNA MILLER!!!When will British girls learn? I don't care HOW cute you are, Emma Watson, NO ONE is cute enough to carry off this kind of outfit. Those BOOTS! That SATIN! Those... dang...

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Jul 12 2007

New Bond book

According to the Associated Press, the estate of the late Ian Fleming has selected British author Sebastian Faulks to write a new James Bond story. Faulks' novel, Devil May Care, is due to come o...

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Jul 11 2007

Deck yourself out

If you like Harry Potter shirts, but don't want to actually set foot in a Hot Topic, there are still some pretty awesome options out there:Support Buckbeak:I really like this one--very wearable, n...

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Jul 10 2007

Young Harry looks a little toolish

Details magazine is currently featuring an oh-so-saucy interview with Daniel Radcliffe, star of the Harry Potter movie franchise. I didn't read the whole thing (I get tired of Details' tone of co...

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Jul 9 2007

Avalon High Coronation: The Merlin Prophecy, by Meg Cabot


Meg Cabot’s books are pure escapist fun. Shojo manga—well, some of it—is also pure escapist fun. So combining the two should create some kind of super pure escapist fun, right? TOKYOPOP ho...

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Jul 9 2007

Yet another vamp series rec

My mother suggested that I check out Marta Acosta's vampire/romance series. Acosta's first book is Happy Hour at Casa Dracula, followed by Midnight Brunch, with a third book due to be released in...

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Jul 6 2007

Books on demand?

According to this, patrons of the New York Public Library will soon be able to use the machine at left to "print off books free of charge, the end result of which is supposedly 'indistinguishable...

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Jul 5 2007


The trailer for the upcoming film adaptation of Karen Joy Fowler's The Jane Austen Book Club is now available on the web.I was underwhelmed by this book (although I know and respect several people...

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Jul 3 2007

Crusie and friends, part II

Well, here's the cover art for Jennifer Crusie's upcoming collaboration with Bob Mayer, Agnes and the Hitman:And here's the official publisher's description:"Agnes Crandall, a food columnist bette...

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