Freakout ahoy!

Bestselling Japanese horror/mystery author Miyuki Miyabe has a new book out. Here's the publisher's description of The Devil's Whisper:

"The three deaths come in quick succession: one girl jumps from the roof of a six-story building; another falls in front of a train; and the third is hit by a late-night taxi. But how are these related? And are they accidents, suicides or murder? Slowly, the answers are uncovered by sixteen-year-old Mamoru, the nephew of the taxi driver currently being held by the police on charges of manslaughter for the death of the third victim.

Determined to help his uncle, Mamoru discovers that the girls killed by his uncle's taxi had participated in a devious scam to separate vulnerable men from their money, and that three of the four girls involved in the ploy are now dead.

A powerful businessman comes forward with new evidence in favor of Mamoru's uncle and also to reveal the truth about Mamoru's long-lost father, who disappeared when the boy was only four.

But in the meantime, Mamoru must go all out if he is to save the last of the four girls being targeted by the real killer. And then the killer contacts him..."

We here at Wordcandy look forward to Ms. Miyabe's books with equal amounts of excitement and trepidation. This woman is a phenomenal writer, but that just means that the creepy bits in her books are all the more hair-raising. Consider yourselves warned....
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