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Jun 28 2011

High art

I can't believe I'm so stoked about a video game novelization (particularly for a game I've never played), but this one—written by internationally successful author Miyuki Miyabe—just looks so coo...

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Feb 7 2008

Brave Story, by Miyuki Miyabe


The world is full of fantasy novels featuring eleven-year-old boys with crappy home lives, but Miyuki Miyabe’s Brave Story stands out from the crowd. This award-winning novel combines conventiona...

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Nov 27 2007

The Devil's Whisper, by Miyuki Miyabe


Miyuki Miyabe’s deliciously creepy mystery/thriller The Devil’s Whisper opens with three young women dying in quick succession: one throws herself off a building, another falls in front of a train...

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Nov 16 2007

Freakout ahoy!

Bestselling Japanese horror/mystery author Miyuki Miyabe has a new book out. Here's the publisher's description of The Devil's Whisper:"The three deaths come in quick succession: one girl jumps f...

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Apr 19 2006

Miyuki Miyabe

Japanese author Miyuki Miyabe has three books currently translated into English: Crossfire, All She Was Worth, and Shadow Family. Miyabe’s novels are an intriguing mix of horror, mystery, and pol...

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