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Aug 10 2016



How did I miss this? Bone creator Jeff Smith just released Bone: Coda, a new and "completely superfluous" adventure featuring the Bone cousins. The standalone story, written and illustrated by Smith, was produced in honor of the 25th anniversary of the first issue of the (at the time) black-and-white, self-published comic...

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Jul 8 2014



While trotting past the book section at Target, my head nearly exploded at the sight of yet another book in Jamie McGuire's Maddox Brothers series. GROSS. I wrote a vitriolic review of the first book in the series a few years ago (sample line: "I can't sign off on a happily-ever-after featuring a guy who is always just one break-up away from full-blown cirrhosis of the liver"), and...

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Nov 1 2011

Practicing what she preaches

Nora Roberts has a new book out, and while I am (once again) suppressing my irritation over the $16 price tag, I was interested to learn that the story was directly inspired by the historic inn Ro...

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Jul 12 2011

Back, and more painful than ever

If you've spent the past few years yearning for another book in Louise Rennison's Confessions of Georgia Nicolson series, you're in luck (sort of): Rennison has recently kicked off a new series st...

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Sep 14 2010

Romeo and Juliet + Zombies = Inevitable

NPR has posted a review of Anne Fortier's novel Juliet, a modern, completely re-imagined take on Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. I'm not sure I'll read this—the cover is totally boring, and I am ...

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Jul 9 2008

Beach reading

Several Wordcandy-approved romance novelists have released books in the past few weeks, so if you've got an economic stimulus package burning a hole in your pocket and a beach visit or a plane tri...

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Jun 5 2008

"Writing as Ian Fleming", huh?

The new James Bond novel is out, and it's written by some guy named Sebastian Faulks: According to the veerrry fine, veerrry pale print between the two authors' names (can you guys even read that...

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Nov 16 2007

Freakout ahoy!

Bestselling Japanese horror/mystery author Miyuki Miyabe has a new book out. Here's the publisher's description of The Devil's Whisper:"The three deaths come in quick succession: one girl jumps f...

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