Apr 1 2008

Gone but not (totally) forgotten

I spoke with some TOKYOPOP reps at SakuraCon (more on that soon), and took the opportunity to ask about Eric Wight's manga series My Dead Girlfriend, which debuted with much fanfare over a year ag...

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Mar 31 2008

The Once and Future Sweet Valley High

I would like to think that this is an April Fools' joke, but, sadly, it's still March.With typical elegance and restraint, Gawker is reporting that the Sweet Valley High books have been updated. (...

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Mar 28 2008

Sakura-Con 2008

Forgive the short blog post today, dear readers, but I'm heading to Sakura-Con, the big Northwest anime/manga convention. So if any of you happen to be attending, and you see a tall, confused-loo...

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Mar 27 2008

Upward Spiral

When Mary Street’s The Confession of Fitzwilliam Darcy was first published in the U.K. in 1999, it looked like this:Now, almost ten years later, it is finally being published in the United States....

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Mar 26 2008

Downward spiral

We're a little behind on the calendar, so I was surprised to learn that Kelley Armstrong's new book Personal Demon is already out... and I was even more surprised to learn that this is the cover:A...

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Mar 25 2008

I will undoubtedly regret watching this, but at least it's free.

PBS's The Complete Jane Austen is concluding with the only Austen adaptation I haven't already watched on YouTube: the 2008 TV miniseries version of Sense and Sensibility, adapted by screenwriter ...

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Mar 24 2008

ADV falls off the wagon (again)

We're hearing distressing rumors that ADV is once again in financial difficulties, which means that we'll have to wait even longer to get our hands on the sixth volume of Yotsuba&!. The original ...

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Mar 22 2008

Winifred Watson

Winifred Watson was a writer in the 1930s. Apparently, she wrote a couple of well-received rural dramas of the type satirized in Stella Gibbons's Cold Comfort Farm, and then went on to write the ...

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Mar 21 2008


The trailer for the film adaptation of Mark Millar's graphic novel Wanted is out:Huh. Adorable James MacAvoy seems miscast as a budding supervillain (particularly one who was orginally modeled on ...

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Mar 20 2008

L.J. Smith returns

In unexpected (but awesome!) news, fantasy writer L.J. Smith has returned from a decade-long absence. The only signs of life we've seen from Ms. Smith since 1998 have been the recent re-releases ...

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Mar 19 2008

Freeing Tibet

The BBC/NPR program The World aired an interview with novelist Eliot Pattison yesterday as part of a series of stories on the recent unrest in Tibet. I've never read one of Pattison's mysteries, ...

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Mar 18 2008

The Penderwicks, by Jeanne Birdsall


I have long avoided reading Jeanne Birdsall's National Book Award-winning The Penderwicks, mostly because of its tastefully retro cover (which I felt was shamelessly derivative of the silhouette i...

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Mar 17 2008

Hana Yori Dango Version 3.0

While reading the excellent Dramabeans blog, I was delighted to see that there's going to be a K-drama adaptation of the cheese-tastic shojo manga Hana Yori Dango. I enjoyed the recent Japanese v...

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Mar 14 2008

Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports, by James Patterson


James Patterson’s Maximum Ride books are an action-adventure/science fiction series featuring a group of genetically engineered bird-human children. There are currently three books in the series*...

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Mar 13 2008

Novala Takemoto

Novala Takemoto is the author of the Japanese cult classic Kamikaze Girls. Kamikaze Girls has been turned into a manga and a feature film, and (naturally, this is the greatest honor of all) it's ...

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Mar 13 2008

Kamikaze Girls, by Novala Takemoto


I hunted down a copy of Novala Takemoto’s 2002 novel Kamikaze Girls after I saw the film adaptation a few months ago, and—for once!—I’m not sure which I recommend picking up first. There are slig...

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Mar 13 2008

The Fug Girls are at Powell's

Well, kinda. Heather Cocks and Jessica Morgan, creators of GoFugYourself are the guest bloggers this week for Powells.com. Sadly, they haven't talked much about books at this point (although ref...

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Mar 12 2008

Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day, by Winnifred Watson


Winifred Watson’s 1938 novel Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day has just been made into a movie, and—for once!—we’re totally grateful. We’re usually the first in line to complain about film adaptations, but if it wasn’t for the fine people at Focus Features we might never have heard of this charmingly optimistic romantic comedy...

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Mar 11 2008

Sisters Grimm #6: Tales from the Hood

(Have I mentioned how much I hate the whole Daylight Savings spring time change? Because, seriously: my brain feels like it's going to melt.)I can't believe this slipped past me, but Michael Buckl...

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Mar 10 2008

Bone: the movie

Meg sent me this link over the weekend. Apparently, Warner Bros. has bought the movie rights to Jeff Smith's Bone. See, a Bone movie would only work for me if they got the people who make Wallac...

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Mar 7 2008

Georgette Heyer rides again!

Much to my delight, Sourcebooks, Inc. is continuing to release beautiful paperback editions of Georgette Heyer novels. Their most recent publication, False Colours, isn’t her best work, but even a...

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Mar 6 2008

Scott Bittle

Journalist Scott Bittle is the executive editor of Public Agenda Online, and (along with Jean Johnson) the co-author of Where Does the Money Go? Your Guide to the Federal Budget Crisis, one of our...

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Mar 6 2008

Where Does the Money Go? Your Guided Tour to the Federal Budget Crisis, by Scott Bittle and Jean Johnson


Wordcandy doesn’t review much nonfiction, but we were pleasantly surprised by Jean Johnson and Scott Bittle’s Where Does the Money Go? Your Guided Tour to the Federal Budget Crisis. Miraculously, Johnson and Bittle have managed to write a politically unbiased book on an important-but-drier-than-dust subject that is both informative and entertaining...

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Mar 6 2008

Jean Johnson

Jean Johnson is a writer, the executive vice president of Public Agenda, and (along with Scott Bittle) the co-author of Where Does the Money Go? Your Guide to the Federal Budget Crisis, one of our...

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Mar 6 2008

Amazon takes one for the team

As most of you probably know, Amazon purchased J.K. Rowling’s The Tales of Beedle the Bard at a Sotheby’s auction. The purchase price (of £1,950,000!!!) was donated to The Children's Voice campai...

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Mar 5 2008

Help Jennifer Colt (or somebody else) land a Penguin contract

I got this e-mail from beloved Wordcandy author Jennifer Colt yesterday:Dear Friends,I entered my unpublished McAfee Twins manuscript The Hellraiser of the Hollywood Hills in the Amazon Breakthrou...

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Mar 4 2008

Hogfather: the movie

We are happy to report that the Sky One made-for-TV movie adaptation of the Terry Pratchett novel Hogfather is finally available here in the U.S. This unique holiday story (Hogfather, the Discwor...

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Mar 3 2008


Lynsay Sands is a fun writer, and her Argeneau Vampire series is totally cute. (Seriously—pleasant, non-violent, Canadian vampires! They're adorable!) Unfortunately, I'm seeing a disturbing trend ...

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Feb 29 2008

Immortal, by Traci L. Slatton


[Note: this review contains a semi-spoiler, so procede with caution!]

While Anne Rice fans breathlessly await that last Lestat book, they would be well advised to check out Traci L. Slatton’s debut...

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Feb 28 2008

Darkside, by Tom Becker


Tom Becker’s debut novel Darkside opens with a kidnapping: thirteen-year-old Ricky Thomas is abducted from the middle of Trafalgar Square in broad daylight, and, strangely, none of the hundreds of...

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