Chris Onstad

Chris Onstad is the creator of Achewood, a webcomic featuring a group of anthropomorphic animals, robots, and stuffed toys, all of whom live and play in the fictional town of Achewood, CA (which is, apparently, a thinly-disguised Palo Alto). The Achewood collection The Great Outdoor Fight is one of our Featured Book picks—and while reading it would obviously be better if you’re a longtime fan of the strip, even Achewood newbies seem to find it awesome*.

*We know this because we market-tested it on Megan, forcing her to sit in a quiet corner and read the entire thing at her own birthday party.

Yes, that cover art is adorably wholesome-looking, but this book is NOT for children!

Limited. Try comic book shops and online.

Other Recommendations:
...reading the strip in its entirety.

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