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Powell's Books, Portland, Oregon's independent bookstore to the stars, has started a new subscription book club:

For $39.95 per delivery, Indiespensable subscribers will enjoy a delivery of:
"[The] best new books, with special attention to leading independent publishers. Signed first editions. Inventive, original sets. Exclusive printings.... Every six weeks, another installment to read and admire.

All titles are thoughtfully selected by Powell's staff. PLUS: Every shipment is stocked with exciting surprises.... Maybe a pre-publication copy of some great new book, or a bonus DVD or CD, or a literary periodical, or handmade chocolate — always something extra for your pleasure. It's our booklovin', box-filling prize."
This month, subscribers will receive a hardcover first edition of Iain Banks's The Crow Road (complete with laid-in bookplate signed by the author and packaged in a custom, full-cloth slipcase), a full-length CD of original music by Portland artists, AND a limited printing of Graeme Thomson's 40 greatest death songs of all time.

Not too shabby for $40.
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