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Dec 7 2010

I Am Number Four, by Pittacus Lore


Before we begin, a small disclaimer: I have never read James Frey's notorious “memoir” A Million Little Pieces, but any man who compares writing a falsified autobiography to Picasso...

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Nov 2 2009

I Sold Andy Warhol (Too Soon), by Richard Polsky


In early 2005, art dealer Richard Polsky decided to sell a small Andy Warhol "Fright Wig" painting for $375,000. The sale originally seemed like a success, but Polsky had misjudged his moment, bad...

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Feb 11 2013

I Was Jane Austen's Best Friend, by Cora Harrison


According to the promotional sheet included with the review copy we received, Cora Harrison's YA novel I Was Jane Austen's Best Friend was written for “anyone who has imagined what it might have been like to be the best friend, cousin, and confidante of the one and only Jane Austen.” That is, um, a very specific fantasy, but I'm sure those readers are out there. Somewhere...

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May 27 2009

If the Witness Lied, by Caroline B. Cooney


Caroline B. Cooney’s If the Witness Lied is a top-notch young adult thriller: suspenseful and atmospheric, with a solid line-up of appealingly flawed characters. If the Witness Lied is the story of...

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Feb 27 2007

Ilium, by Dan Simmons


Plenty of science fiction writers get so dazzled by their own ideas that they sometimes forget about developing a decent plot. This is not the case with Dan Simmon’s novel Ilium. It has plot coming out of its ears—in fact, most of the story is based on tried and true literary classics. While his overarching storyline is based on Homer’s Iliad...

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May 26 2009

Illegal, by Paul Levine


In the first three pages of Paul Levine’s Illegal, disgraced trial lawyer Jimmy Payne bribes a judge, (literally) loses his shirt, and ends up with a gun in his face... and the pace of the book ju...

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Feb 29 2008

Immortal, by Traci L. Slatton


[Note: this review contains a semi-spoiler, so procede with caution!]

While Anne Rice fans breathlessly await that last Lestat book, they would be well advised to check out Traci L. Slatton’s debut...

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Oct 9 2017

Immortally Yours, by Lynsay Sands


It's been years since I've read one of Lynsay Sands's vampire romance novels, but they have always stood out in my mind: in her long-running Argeneau series, vampires are not the result of dark magic or whatever, but rather the products of blood-powered nanotechnology first developed in Lost Atlantis. The quality of her individual installments might vary, but Sands gets all the gold stars for coming up with such a delightfully weird premise...

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Dec 31 2009

In Cheap We Trust: The Story of a Misunderstood American Virtue, by Lauren Weber


Many bookstores celebrate the first of the year by promoting two kinds of titles: diet guides and books about finances—both subjects likely to find a wide audience in the weeks following a ho...

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Jul 4 2008

In The Woods, by Tana French


Tana French’s bestselling novel In the Woods opens with a never-solved mystery: three children in 1970s Ireland vanish from their suburban neighborhood. One is found, but he has no memory of what happene...

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Mar 20 2012

India Black, by Carol K. Carr


Carol K. Carr's debut novel India Black doesn't actually make that much sense, but when a book is as breezily stylish as this one, being a little short on substance is totally forgivable.

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May 29 2013

The Infinity Ring #1, 2, & 3: A Mutiny in Time, Divide and Conquer, and The Trap Door, by assorted authors


In an effort to duplicate the monster success of their 39 Clues series, Scholastic Books has launched The Infinity Ring, another multi-platform series blending reading and an online experience. The Infinity Ring series was outlined by The Maze Runner author James Dashner, and will be seven books long. The first three installments—Dashner's A Mutiny in Time, Carrie Ryan's Divide and Conquer, and Lisa McMann's The Trap Door...

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Jul 31 2023

The Inheritance Games, by Jennifer Lynn Barnes


We were huge fans of Jennifer Lynn Barnes's series The Naturals (with the exception of the last book, which was a bit of a letdown), so we had high hopes for her most recent suspense/mystery effort: The Inheritance Games, the first book in a trilogy of the same name. And while we can't say we found it as immediately engaging as The Naturals, this new series is off to a promising start...

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Jul 6 2015

Ink and Bone: The Great Library, by Rachel Caine


Rachel Caine's new book Ink and Bone: The Great Library is set in an alternate universe where the world is (unofficially) ruled by the Great Library of Alexandria, a ruthless organization that controls all access to knowledge. Caine's protagonist is sixteen-year-old Jess Brightwell, the son of a successful book smuggler...

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Jul 6 2010

Insatiable, by Meg Cabot


Meg Cabot's new novel Insatiable is full of nods to the current vampire craze (love triangles, seemingly ordinary heroines with mysterious abilities, broody-yet-hot dudes with weird dietary habits...

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Dec 10 2012

Intentions, by Deborah Heiligman


Deborah Heiligman is the author of nearly 30 books for children, but it wasn't until 2008's Charles and Emma—an award-winning YA biography about Charles Darwin and his wife—that she leapt to wider literary acclaim. Her most recent book, and her first aimed at older teens, is the coming-of-age novel Intentions...

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Oct 24 2016

The Invisible Library and The Masked City, by Genevieve Cogman


The Invisible Library and The Masked City, the first two books in an ongoing series by Genevieve Cogman, read like a blend of Jasper Fforde's Thursday Next series and Daniel O'Malley's Rook Files. Happily, Cogman takes these familiar ingredients—literary references, bureaucratic rivalries, pragmatic heroines—and...

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May 1 2011

The Iron Thorn, by Caitlin Kittredge


The Iron Thorn might be Caitlin Kittredge's first book for young readers, but she's sticking to her roots. According to her author bio, she likes writing about "bad things [happening] to per...

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Apr 24 2007

Ironside, by Holly Black


Fans of Holly Black’s earlier books will be delighted to find that her new novel, Ironside, picks up shortly after Tithe ends and features many of the characters in Valiant. As Ironside opens, Unseelie king-to-be Roiben’s coronation is approaching, and changeling Kaye decides that it’s time to declare her love for him...

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Aug 1 2016

Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?, by Mindy Kaling


In 2011, actress and comedian Mindy Kaling released a collection of essays called Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns). Her book is 242 pages of the easiest reading on the planet: short, witty, ridiculously charming essays on everything from Kaling's weird affection for diet plans to her career goals to her ideal level of fame...

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Mar 7 2016

Island in the Sea of Time, by S. M. Stirling


This is super, super nerdy, but I mean it in the most complimentary of ways: S.M. Stirling's novel Island in the Sea of Time is like a mash-up of Sid Meier's Civilization and Harriet M. Welsh's “Town” game...

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