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Jun 24 2019

Shelter in Place, by Nora Roberts


In many of her recent standalones, Nora Roberts has minimized the tropes of romance writing in favor of straight action/suspense. That's fine—the romantic elements of her books are the bits she is most prone to recycling—but I do wish she wasn't so fond of really lingering on the POV of her villains. I don't need to read an additional hundred pages of manufactured drama between her protagonists, but...

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Jun 24 2019

Weekly Book Giveaway: Shelter in Place, by Nora Roberts


Our latest Book Giveaway is Nora Roberts's Shelter in Place. It's definitely one of her more impressive recent offerings (which, admittedly, isn't saying much), but skip it if you are in any way triggered by scenes of mass shootings. A full review will follow shortly, and this review will run through 7/5/19...

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Sep 24 2018

Year One, by Nora Roberts


If you've ever thought: Man, The Stand sounds interesting, but I'm just not into Stephen King's writing, congratulations, you're in luck! Year One is The Stand, as written by Nora Roberts...

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Sep 24 2018

Weekly Book Giveaway: Year One, by Nora Roberts


This week's Book Giveaway is Year One, the first book in Nora Roberts's Chronicles of The One series. It's dark, gloomy, violent, and full of the word "magick", so it's probably best that we're cruising toward October. A full review will follow shortly, and please note: due to a bunch of overdue postings, this giveaway will run through 10/12/18...

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Dec 5 2016

Stars of Fortune, by Nora Roberts


I really only had one problem with Nora Roberts's Stars of Fortune, but it's a big one: Roberts simply isn't very good at writing fantasy. She keeps trying, but the genre does not play to her strengths...

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Dec 5 2016

Weekly Book Giveaway: Stars of Fortune, by Nora Roberts


This week's Book Giveaway title is Nora Roberts's Stars of Fortune, the first book in her Guardians trilogy. If past experience is anything to go by, I'll probably have a LOT of complaints, but who knows? Sometimes Roberts decides to knock it out of the park. Plus, the final book in the series comes out tomorrow, so at least I won't need to wait if I decide to finish it...

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Sep 28 2015

Weekly Book Giveaway: Devoted in Death, by J.D. Robb


This week's Book Giveaway is Devoted in Death, the most recent installment in J.D. Robb's looooong-running Eve Dallas series. A full review will follow later today, but thus far it's 40% entertaining, 60% torture porn. Not my favorite ratio...

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May 26 2015

The Liar, by Nora Roberts


After her most recent—and truly terrible—series, I was ready to give up on Nora Roberts forever, but her latest standalone novel, The Liar, is the kind of satisfying, sturdy, girl-power effort that drags me right back in. Curse you, Nora Roberts, and your ability to wrest away my hard-earned spare cash...

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May 26 2015

Weekly Book Giveaway: The Liar, by Nora Roberts


Okay, I'm giving Nora Roberts one more shot: this week our Book Giveaway is her recent standalone novel The Liar. We'll have to see where it ranks on her scale of shameless self-replication. My hopes aren't high, but Roberts has surprised me before...

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May 8 2015

Blood Magick, by Nora Roberts


It's official: Nora Roberts's writing has reached peak laziness. Not only has she used these characters and situations before, she's used them before in this exact same combination. Seriously, if you want to read Blood Magick, just pick up a copy of her 2002 novel Face the Fire—it's the same story, but half the price...

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Nov 18 2013

Dark Witch, by Nora Roberts


It's pointless to complain about repetitiveness in a Nora Roberts book. The woman has published over 200 novels; at this point I'm not sure if there's a romantic conflict out there she hasn't beaten to death. Certainly all the subjects in her latest novel Dark Witch are pretty shopworn—but if you're in the right mood, “shopworn” can translate to “enjoyable and comforting”...

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Nov 18 2013

Weekly Book Giveaway: Dark Witch, by Nora Roberts


This week's Book Giveaway is Dark Witch, the latest effort from Nora Roberts. And no, despite that title and cover art, it's not actually a Halloween story. Our review will go up tonight...

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Jun 26 2012

Romance-writing school


Whoa: Nora Roberts has apparently given McDaniel College a boatload of money to start a center focusing on the study of romance writing. The center will include support for a romance novel collection in the college library, the establishment of a minor in romance fiction, and an online graduate-level romance writing program, featuring PROFESSOR JENNY CRUSIE...

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Nov 1 2011

Practicing what she preaches

Nora Roberts has a new book out, and while I am (once again) suppressing my irritation over the $16 price tag, I was interested to learn that the story was directly inspired by the historic inn Ro...

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Nov 29 2010

Happily Ever After, by Nora Roberts


Earlier this month, Nora Roberts released Happy Ever After, the final novel in her Bride Quartet. I've grown fonder of this series with each book, so I trotted out to my local bookstore—this ti...

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Apr 29 2010

Who knew she was dating Harry Potter?

Speaking of Nora Roberts' Bride Quartet, there's a game! It's an interactive "Hidden Objects" sort of deal, and apparently there will be separate games for each book in the series. Now, I'm not ...

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Apr 28 2010

Savor the Moment, by Nora Roberts


Savor the Moment is the third book in Nora Roberts' best-selling Bride Quartet. This installment focuses on pastry chef Laurel McBane, co-owner of Vows, the wedding-planning company she founded w...

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Feb 2 2010

You do have to admire her gall, though.

My, my. Whatever could this be? It appears to be a reprint (the one hundred and forty-seventh edition, I believe) of Nora Roberts's 1991 novel Genuine Lies, and it costs sixteen dollars. Are you k...

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Sep 10 2009

Tulle gone wrong.

Hmm. Penguin seems to have bumped up the release date for the second book in Nora Roberts's 'Bride Quartet'. Behold the cover for Bed of Roses, now coming out on October 27th:That's... surprisingl...

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May 24 2009

Vision in White, by Nora Roberts


As everyone who reads the Wordcandy blog knows, we have serious problems with the price of Nora Roberts’s latest book, Vision in White. What could possibly justify charging sixteen dollars f...

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Apr 29 2009


While stopping by Target last night to pick up an immersion blender (my new favorite kitchen appliance, by the way), I finally saw the $16 Nora Roberts paperback in the flesh. Unfortunately, Targ...

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Apr 22 2009

No. Just... no.

Nora Roberts usually has such nice (if forgettable) cover art, but this looks like something you'd see advertised as the entertainment at a mid-range Vegas hotel:I wonder what happened?

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Apr 13 2009

Tribute, by Nora Roberts


When I channel-flipped past Lifetime’s made-for-television adaptation of Nora Roberts’ novel Tribute a few days ago, I thought it looked ridiculous—the TV equivalent of spray-can cheese, with...

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Mar 16 2009

Oh, Lifetime, you crazy kids...

First of all, I have to apologize for the lack of updates last week. Nathan and I both came down with the colds from Hell (actually, we still have them), and Megan was off on vacation, so there wa...

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Dec 8 2008

For once...

I am happy to report that Nora Roberts's latest book (The Pagan Stone, the final book in her "Sign of Seven" trilogy) does NOT feature an obnoxiously smug heroine. This is quite an accomplishment ...

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Dec 3 2007

Blood Brothers, by Nora Roberts


As someone who has never learned to appreciate delayed gratification, I was pretty excited about the one-book-release-per-month schedule Nora Roberts adhered to for her last trilogy, 2006’s...

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Sep 18 2007

Nora returns!

Well, autumn is rollin' in, so it must be time for another Nora Roberts trilogy. Her upcoming novel Blood Brothers is due out on November 27th. Here's the publisher's description:In the small vi...

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Dec 7 2006

La Nora

The page for the Lifetime TV movie adaptations of four of Nora Roberts's novels is up. While it's encouraging that Ms. Roberts is excited about these productions, my hopes are not high, seeing as...

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Sep 27 2006

Nora Roberts churns 'em out

The book covers and descriptions of the final two books in Nora Roberts's Circle Trilogy are up. Dance of the Gods is due out October 3rd, and Valley of Silence is due out October 31st. The descr...

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Sep 7 2006

Morrigan's Cross, by Nora Roberts


As anyone who’s had the misfortune of hearing me speak recently knows, I’ve been sick. Really sick. I sound like a seal with a lifelong pack-a-day habit. The only upside to the past week and a ...

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