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The page for the Lifetime TV movie adaptations of four of Nora Roberts's novels is up. While it's encouraging that Ms. Roberts is excited about these productions, my hopes are not high, seeing as:

A) two of the four books featured are damn near unreadable--Blue Smoke and Carolina Moon. Why does Roberts get such a thrill out of lingering in the mind of a serial killer? If I wanted to read a Thomas Harris novel, I'd read a Thomas Harris novel. (Okay, I totally wouldn't: I'd get my head checked, as I would have clearly lost my mind. But you understand what I'm saying.)

B) even the descriptions featured on the page are totally cheesy-looking ("...the gals know this forced family reunion isn't going to be smooth sailing, but they don't expect to go head to head with someone out to sabotage them..."). Gals? Smooth sailing? Gals?!

C) the one of the books that I really liked (Angel's Fall) features Heather Locklear as the main character, a lonely, traumatized woman in her mid-twenties. Don't get me wrong: Locklear is a total babe and a fine actress, but she's not who I would have cast as a broken young woman terrified that she's losing her grip on reality.

Regardless of my feelings, the first of these movies is due to air on January 29, 2007.
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