Oh, Lifetime, you crazy kids...

First of all, I have to apologize for the lack of updates last week. Nathan and I both came down with the colds from Hell (actually, we still have them), and Megan was off on vacation, so there was no one around to do any work. On the up side, I've had nothing to do all week but read and sleep, so as soon as I can sit at a computer for longer than fifteen minutes without having to take a hour-long nap, I'll start typing up reviews.

Anyway, I see that Nora Roberts is starting a new series, and this time it's a quartet:

One thing, though: this is a paperback, and yet it costs sixteen dollars. WHY, NORA? Don't you get enough money from us already, with your four-to-six-bestselling-new-books-per-year schedule, to saying nothing of your re-releases? Why are you doing this?

...did you invest everything with Bernie Madoff?

Because a serious lack of funds is the only reason I can see for justifying something like this:

Yeah, that's Lifetime's promo image for their four upcoming movie adaptations of Roberts's novels. Now, I've never seen a Lifetime movie (judging by these images, I'm not missing much), but what on earth convinced them to go with the "pastel-colored lady porn" look for their promo? I mean, none of these novels are trashy bodice rippers, so why promote them that way?

I am truly confused, and must now take another nap.
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