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Sep 30 2019

No Judgments, by Meg Cabot


Like nearly all of Meg Cabot's books, No Judgments is funny, charming, smart—and way messier and lazier than it has any right to be.

Bree Beckham has left behind a serious relationship, an overbearing mother, and her law studies to start life anew in Little Bridge, a tiny island in the Florida Keys. She loves living on Little Bridge, particularly after adopting a sweet, elderly cat named Gary...

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Sep 30 2019

Weekly Book Giveaway: No Judgments, by Meg Cabot


Our current Book Giveaway is Meg Cabot's No Judgments. Alas, I will be judging, and thus far I'm underwhelmed. (Evacuate when you're told to, people!) A full review will follow shortly, and this giveaway will run through 11/09/19...

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Jul 10 2017

The Boy is Back, by Meg Cabot


The Boy is Back is the fourth book in Meg Cabot's loosely-connected The Boy series, all of which are narrated via unconventional methods: texts, e-mail, diary entries, online reviews. This installment is set in Bloomville, Indiana, hometown of professional golfer Reed Stewart. Reed assumed he'd left Bloomville behind, but when his increasingly eccentric parents end up causing a scandal, his family calls him home...

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Jul 10 2017

Weekly Book Giveaway: The Boy is Back, by Meg Cabot


This week's Book Giveaway is Meg Cabot's novel The Boy is Back. The story involves one of my favorite things to read about (organizing) and one of my least favorite things to experience in any medium (golf). One cannot win them all, I suppose. A full review will follow shortly...

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Aug 22 2016

Remembrance, by Meg Cabot


Remembrance, the fifth and final book in Meg Cabot's 'Mediator' series, is her third attempt at transforming one of her YA series into a story for grown-ups. The end result is vintage Meg Cabot—brash, funny, and just a little bit lazy—but now with more swearing, violence, and sex...

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Aug 22 2016

Weekly Book Giveaway: Remembrance, by Meg Cabot


This week's Book Giveaway is Meg Cabot's Remembrance, the long-awaited final book in her (formerly YA) Mediator series. Based on Missing You, Cabot's first attempt at translating one of her teen series into a book for adults, I'm expecting a lot of humor and charm, plus wee bit of swearing and maybe a legit sex scene. A full review will follow shortly...

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Aug 6 2015

I keep falling for it!


Jezebel recently posted a really nice interview with author Meg Cabot. I'm always a little disappointed by Cabot's books—I think she has the talent to write something truly spectacular, but too often falls back on "Eh, it's cute enough to justify the cover price"—but this interview is so charming...

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Oct 7 2014

More Mediator


Awesome news—Meg Cabot is planning a seventh book in her Mediator series! Unlike the earlier installments, Remembrance will be aimed at adult readers (which I'm assuming = sex), it will be released in 2016, and the plot synopsis is vague...

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May 6 2014

Yet more Princess Diaries


According to the Wall Street Journal, Meg Cabot is returning to the world of her Princess Diaries books. She's planning on releasing two vaguely connected spin-offs: an adult novel featuring her previous heroine (Princess Mia Thermopolis, heir to the fictional kingdom of Genovia) and a middle-grade novel centering around Olivia Grace...

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Jan 21 2014

Foretold: 14 Stories of Prophecy and Prediction: edited by Carrie Ryan


Foretold: 14 Stories of Prophecy and Prediction is a collection of short stories written by a bunch of well-known YA authors and edited by The Forest of Hands and Teeth author Carrie Ryan. Don't let the supernatural-horror cover art fool you: the "predictions" in these stories range from Greek mythology-style prophecies of doom to hopeful signs in lovely teen romances...

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Sep 19 2013



I've always had a soft spot for Meg Cabot's 2002 romance novel She Went All The Way, despite its terrible title, which meant I cracked up when I heard that someone was finally making a movie about the destruction of Pompeii. See, in Cabot's book the heroine—Lou Calabrese—is a screen writer whose actor ex-boyfriend Barry dumps her after she makes him famous by writing him a star-making role in a Titanic-style blockbuster called Hindenburg...

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Jun 28 2013

Underworld and Awaken, by Meg Cabot


I've been waiting a whole year to review Meg Cabot's novel Underworld, the middle book in her Abandon trilogy. I read it as the minute we received it (because Cabot's books are always fun), but if I had any self-control I would have followed my own advice and waited until the final book in the trilogy was released.

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Jul 14 2011

Abandon, by Meg Cabot


I was thrilled when I heard that Meg Cabot was once again tossing her hat into the supernatural romance ring. After all, her The Mediator and 1-800-Where-R-You? series are some of my all-time fa...

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Jul 6 2010

Insatiable, by Meg Cabot


Meg Cabot's new novel Insatiable is full of nods to the current vampire craze (love triangles, seemingly ordinary heroines with mysterious abilities, broody-yet-hot dudes with weird dietary habits...

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May 5 2010

Like we didn't already have enough of those

I staring out the window yesterday, wondering what Meg Cabot has been up to. (Apart from finishing up her body-swapping Airhead series, which we're way behind on reviewing, even though her publis...

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Oct 12 2009

Meg Cabot loves Maud Hart Lovelace, too.

(As all thinking women should.)And speaking of those awesome Betsy-Tacy reprints, Meg Cabot recently gave the series a really nice shout-out in the Wall Street Journal.

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Jan 15 2009

Meg Cabot gives back

In an extremely classy move, Meg Cabot is celebrating the release of her last Princess Diaries book (Forever Princess) with an online benefit auction for the New York Library's Young Adult Program...

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Dec 30 2008

The price is right

Readers with a high tolerance for reading stuff online can currently read Meg Cabot's The Princess Diaries in its entirety for free on the HarperCollins website.

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Oct 21 2008

Meg Cabot redeems herself.

I know I've complained in the past about Meg Cabot milking her series for all they're worth, but this idea is straight-up awesome:Ransom My Heart is a historical romance "written" by Princess Mia ...

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Aug 20 2008

But... but... WHY?!?

GYAH! According to Meg Cabot's (usually totally awesome, but in this case quite depressing) blog, Kristen Bell, star of my beloved Veronica Mars, has agreed to play Lizzie Nichols, the main chara...

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May 20 2008

ABC Family (hearts) Meg Cabot

According to the News page of Meg Cabot's website, ABC Family has optioned her standalone novel Jinx as a TV movie and her Heather Wells mysteries as a series. Cabot's novels have already inspire...

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Jul 9 2007

Avalon High Coronation: The Merlin Prophecy, by Meg Cabot


Meg Cabot’s books are pure escapist fun. Shojo manga—well, some of it—is also pure escapist fun. So combining the two should create some kind of super pure escapist fun, right? TOKYOPOP ho...

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Mar 27 2007

Meg Cabot bullet points

  1. Meg Cabot's YA books are moving from HarperCollins to Scholastic*, which means that she's wrapping up her current projects, including the long-running Princess Diaries series. (She's currentl...

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Jan 10 2007

New website

So, it looks like Meg Cabot has launched a new website layout...I am pretty sure I liked the site much better before this latest redesign. It had this fun, bubblegum pink look and feel to it. The ...

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Jan 3 2007

Size 14 is Not Fat Either, by Meg Cabot


Size 14 Is Not Fat Either is the best series installment Meg Cabot has produced in years. It’s sunny-tempered (well, as sunny-tempered as a story featuring a beheaded cheerleader can be) and witty, and it does a great job of displaying Cabot’s gift for engaging characterization...

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Dec 28 2006


Sorry about the scarcity of postage around here. We're located in the Northwest, so first our power was out, and then our server is in Taiwan, so the recent earthquake there screwed things up eve...

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Nov 23 2006


Behold, the Avalon High sequel:And yes: it is a MANGA. WORLDS COLLIDE, PEOPLE!Happy Thanksgiving!

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Jul 26 2006

Meg, Meg, Meg...

So, I picked up Meg Cabot's new book How To Be Popular yesterday. It was fun, as all of Cabot's books are, and it had a great cover (the picture doesn't do it justice--the book jacket is actually ...

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May 25 2006

Queen of Babble, by Meg Cabot


I try to avoid romance novels that feature heroines under the age of twenty-six*. There are a few books about people in their early twenties that are okay, but I prefer to read about people that have their heads on at least semi-straight before they make any major decisions about their life partners...

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May 5 2006

Wordcandy weekly book snippet

Excerpt from:The Boy Next Door, by Meg CabotWhy you should buy a copy of your very own:It's a romance novel told entirely through e-mail exchanges, and it's funny as all-git-out.In this scene...Th...

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