Meg Cabot gives back

In an extremely classy move, Meg Cabot is celebrating the release of her last Princess Diaries book (Forever Princess) with an online benefit auction for the New York Library's Young Adult Programs. The auction lasts from January 1st to 31st and consists of numerous tiaras, designed by celebrities, designers, and authors--everybody from Julie Andrews to Marc Brown to Princess Marie-Chantal of Greece. Behold a small sampling of the possibilities:

Judy Blume's contribution:

Nicole Miller's:

And, uh, Mo Rocca's:

Pretty awesome, huh?
Posted by: Julianka


15 Jan, 2009 09:49 PM @ version 0

Half of me thinks that Sarah Palin one is awesome, but the other half thinks it's A) already dated, and B) mildly-to-fairly innappropriate for this particular event.

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