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Sep 20 2018

Love this idea


Newlywed Meghan Markle recently announced her first solo project as a royal person: a charity cookbook to raise funds for a community kitchen used by the displaced victims of the Grenfell Tower fire. The cookbook, Together: Our Community Kitchen, will feature...

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Jun 28 2017

Grab a hankie.


This is both beautiful and tear-inducing: the Guardian tells me that the highest bid in the Authors for Grenfell Tower auction was given to James Clements, a teacher who bid £1,500 to have a character in Philip Pullman's upcoming series named after a former student who died in the fire, 16-year-old Nur Huda el-Wahabi...

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Jun 21 2017



In addition to being a very worthy cause, there are some A+++ items being offered on the "Authors for Grenfell Tower" online auction, ranging from signed books to writing advice...

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Apr 1 2014

In my defense, it's a super-fun game.


I'm pretty sure this adorable Robin Hood-themed print from Ohio artist James Graves (currently on sale at HelpInk for $12) should inspire more noble thoughts than: "Dude, I haven't played Conquests of the Longbow in forever...

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Dec 10 2013

A good cause


J.K. Rowling recently wrote a lovely article about charm bracelets for Harper's Bazaar. She was promoting the sale of a charm bracelet she designed, the proceeds from which are going to benefit Lumos, the charity she co-founded in 2005 that wants to "[transform] how governments and communities think about looking after vulnerable children"...

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Aug 17 2011

(Sincere) applause

In celebration of this weekend's D23 Expo, the Disney fan event, Disney is planning to donate $500,000 and eight million books—ranging from titles for beginning readers to teen series—to First Boo...

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Oct 20 2010

DonorsChoose gets $1 Million (with your help)

In honor of Donors Choose's 10th birthday, Townsend Press is donating $1 million to pay down all book donation requests to below $98. However, for the money to go through, donors like us need to ...

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Sep 2 2010

Weirdness collides!

If you check out the website for Icelandic musician Bjork, you can see the video for her song "Moomins and the Comet Chase". It's part of the soundtrack for the movie based on Tove Jansson's chil...

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Jan 15 2009

Meg Cabot gives back

In an extremely classy move, Meg Cabot is celebrating the release of her last Princess Diaries book (Forever Princess) with an online benefit auction for the New York Library's Young Adult Program...

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May 30 2008

Avon Books gets time out of purgatory

Avon Books has launched a charity called Love Gives Back. According to their website, "Love Gives Back [is] a new program where you'll get Sneak Peeks into upcoming releases and be able to read Av...

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May 29 2008

Excited about that 800-word-long Harry Potter prequel?

For those of you just turning on your computers, J.K. Rowling has written an 800-word mini-prequel to her Harry Potter series that will be auctioned off for a charity benefiting Dyslexia Action. I...

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Mar 6 2008

Amazon takes one for the team

As most of you probably know, Amazon purchased J.K. Rowling’s The Tales of Beedle the Bard at a Sotheby’s auction. The purchase price (of £1,950,000!!!) was donated to The Children's Voice campai...

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Aug 6 2007

In Memoriam

My godmother Karen died of ovarian cancer in 2003. Karen was an all-around fantastically awesome person who loved to cook and entertain, and her daughter Alison has made a cookbook from her colle...

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Feb 27 2007

World Book Day

March 1st is the 10th annual World Book Day. There are loads of activities and charitable opportunities (including some Harry Potter-related stuff) associated with this event, so please swing by ...

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Nov 24 2006

Like you're going to do something better with that six bucks.

Powell's Bookstore in Portland, Oregon has embarked on their second Schoolbook Challenge. For each $5.95 "book pledge" contribution, good for one paperback book, Powell's will donate TEN books to ...

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Nov 21 2006

Clear your shelves.

I know that there are loads of charities out there at this time of year that need your support, but not all of them are willing to take your gently used paperbacks off of your hands. If you're loo...

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Oct 26 2006

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Mega-popular author Barbara Delinsky has recently updated her non-fiction book Uplift: Secrets from the Sisterhood of Breast Cancer Survivors, and Anna Suknov at FSB Associates has very kindly off...

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Oct 5 2006

Support your local mystery writer: buy a brick.

The Edgar Allan Poe Museum's online store is selling bricks from Poe's last standing house, which was demolished in Manhattan last year. Each brick costs about $70, and is individually numbered, f...

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Aug 19 2006

Peter Pan, part two

British author Geraldine McCaughrean has written the first authorized sequel to J. M. Barrie's Peter Pan. It's called Peter Pan in Scarlet, and it's due out on October 5th. McCaughrean was chosen...

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Jun 5 2006

Books for baseball tickets!

Yep, you read the title right: The Los Angeles Times' "Reading By 9" program is hosting a book drive at Dodger Stadium tonight. Fans who donate one new or slightly used book for elementary student...

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