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Jul 20 2016

E.L. James, take note.


Stephenie Meyer has a new book coming out: The Chemist, to be released on November 15, 2016. I notice there's no mention of Twilight on the cover, although the artwork is thematically similar. Is this because Twilight is officially passé, or is...*

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Nov 17 2015

Heads up, E.L. James


Deadline informs me that Lionsgate is developing a new, one-hour series with Twilight novelist Stephenie Meyer titled The Rook, based on the 2012 novel by Daniel O’Malley...

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Oct 7 2015



And speaking of inexplicably popular schlock, Stephenie Meyer is celebrating the 10th anniversary of Twilight by releasing a 442-page "reimagining" of the novel called Life and Death. The book swaps the genders of the main characters (Bella now a boy named Beau; Edward Cullen is now Edythe), and...

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Dec 6 2012

"Experience the saga"... for upwards of three grand


I'm not sure whether to snicker at this news or roll my eyes like a slot machine, so I'll probably settle for doing both. If you're looking for a replica of the staggeringly tacky Twilight engagement ring: today's your lucky day. Bed Bath & Beyond is now selling a line of fine jewelry "honoring the Twilight love story"...

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Oct 25 2012

The series that wouldn't die


One more bit of TV-adaptation-related news this week, and I'm done, I promise: is reporting that they have confirmed the Twilight series won't end with the upcoming Breaking Dawn 2. Apparently, the next evolution of the series is already in the works...

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Jul 30 2012

In these troubled economic times, I know I should be grateful.


Washington State tourism: first boosted by the Twilight books, and now (apparently) by the dread Fifty Shades of Grey. WHY? Why can't people visit us because of their burning desire to trace the scenes in Jim Lynch's The Highest Tide, or Kat Richardson's Greywalker books...

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Mar 26 2012

Terrible, squared


The teaser trailer is out for the upcoming movie adaptation of Stephenie Meyer's sci-fi love-triangle The Host, and it looks about like you'd expect: simultaneously awful and like it takes itself really, really seriously.

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Jan 17 2012

Maybe a TV show...

According to the website GossipCop, Lionsgate Films would really like to find a way to continue the Twilight movie series after the final* installment is released this fall.*Here's hoping, anyway.

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Nov 28 2011


According to ABC News, Twilight: Breaking Dawn-induced seizures are a Real Thing, so if your significant other is dragging you to see it for the third time this week, you can now fake a plausible ...

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Nov 18 2011

Drink like a vampire

If you're both A) a big Twilight fan, and B) of legal drinking age, you might want to celebrate today's big movie release with People magazine's suggestions for Twilight-themed cocktails, includin...

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Nov 2 2011

Blood feud? I'd like to think so.

Heh. According to THR, Anne Rice is not a fan of Stephenie Meyer's Twilight series. Ms. Rice recently wrote:"[My characters] feel sorry for vampires that sparkle in the sun... They would never h...

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Sep 14 2011

There's a "corny" pun I'm going to skip here.

Wow... just yesterday, I was complaining that cool book-related events rarely happen near my house, and then Megan called last night to inform me that the always-entertaining Rutledge Corn Maze ha...

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May 31 2011


Last week, The Beat posted the cover image for Yen Press's upcoming Twilight: The Graphic Novel #2, and it is, frankly, hilarious. Behold:It's possible that Yen will shell out for a print job tha...

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Jan 10 2011

Sense and sensibility and OH, MY EYES


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Nov 8 2010

The curse of the delicate flower

If you're a braver person than I am, check out the recent Twilight spoof that aired as part of the Simpsons' annual "Treehouse of Horror" episode. I was too embarrassed to watch more than a minut...

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Aug 11 2010

Because *all* vampires need regular manicures

My goodness. Check out the complete line of Twilight-inspired nail polish from Twilight Beauty:Which vampire wears the Malibu Barbie hot pink, do you suppose?[Via BellaSugar]

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Jun 29 2010

Ew! But also funny!

Salon has very kindly put together a slideshow round-up of the "10 Most Baffling Twilight Products". They range from G-rated weirdness (like the Edward-shaped body pillow) to other, less SFW opti...

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Apr 26 2010


I finally watched the Eclipse trailer, and it is bad. Like, hilariously bad. Everything about it, from the "creepy dudes coming out of the water" bit* to the run-towards-each-other-and-SMASH! ba...

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Jan 27 2010

Truth in advertising

99% of the cover art for the upcoming Twilight graphic novel is unremarkable......but I am impressed by the way they made [what is presumably] Edward's hand ever-so-slightly blue. Way to play up t...

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Jan 13 2010

In a word: Huh?

Forget all that Jay Leno/Conan nonsense, the real TV headscratcher of the moment is the idea of a reality show set in Forks, WA, the setting for Stephenie Meyer's enormously popular Twilight serie...

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Dec 7 2009

Harsh, man.

A 22-year-old Chicago woman has spent two nights in jail and now faces up to three years in prison after taping less than four minutes of New Moon. The young woman was visiting a Rosemont movie th...

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Nov 19 2009

I. Am. Appalled.

No, seriously.I was poking around my local Barnes and Noble last night, and I ran across this:My first reaction was a snicker. I mean, thank goodness Emily Bronte's novel has finally been approved...

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Oct 13 2009

A high-end store sinks to new lows

I cannot believe this: Nordstrom is producing a line of Twilight-inspired clothing. Sure, we'd all expect this from stores like Hot Topic, Wet Seal, and the more cost-conscious department stores (...

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Oct 12 2009

An artist's canvas (shoes)

Wow. Handpainted converse with the Twilight actors on 'em, costing $125? Will this particular cottage industry ever bottom out? [Via my new favorite site: Regretsy]

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Sep 24 2009


It was only to be expected.MTV's Movie Blog has announced an upcoming movie adaptation of Twilight author Stephenie Meyer's novel The Host.Are there any actresses out there specializing in glum fa...

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Aug 31 2009

Twilight + wedding dresses = girl-entertainment jackpot?

In what I can only describe as a desperate attempt to attract really young readers with the fashion equivalent of fanfiction, InStyle magazine asked several designers to sketch Bella Swann's weddi...

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Aug 19 2009

You wouldn't like me when I'm angry.

Heh. I finally got around to watching the New Moon trailer, and I'm sorry to say that the hokey boy-into-wolf CGI in the first teaser does not appear to have been fixed:And the last line of the tr...

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Jul 16 2009

Just what the world needs...

...a Twilight manhwa adaptation. Thank you, Yen Press.Note: I am kinda wondering about the random drop of liquid bouncing off of Edward in the panel above, though. What's it supposed to be--blood?...

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Jul 1 2009

Money burning a hole in your pocket?

Because I'm pretty sure that all the real Stephenie Meyer fans are rushing out to buy one of these $24.99 Twilight USB Flash Drives.

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Jun 9 2009

From evil vampire to... less evil vampire!

Twilight fans and manhwa fans take note: The Hollywood Reporter has announced that Cam "Evil James" Gigandet will star opposite Paul Bettany in Priest, an adaptation of the well-known horror/Weste...

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