Ew! But also funny!

Salon has very kindly put together a slideshow round-up of the "10 Most Baffling Twilight Products". They range from G-rated weirdness (like the Edward-shaped body pillow) to other, less SFW options, so click through at your peril!
Posted by: Julianka


29 Jun, 2010 07:53 PM @ version 0

Wow, I had to stop halfway through the list; I'm scared by what else I might see.

The products certainly help emphasize that it is not just teenage girls enamored with this series, but plenty of older women who wish they were still teenage girls... and somehow think that their teenage years would be so much hotter the second time around. :-P

29 Jun, 2010 11:46 PM @ version 0

I know! And a lot of that stuff isn't cheap! There are people out there who are willing to invest SERIOUS MONEY to immerse themselves in the Twilight experience.

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