A high-end store sinks to new lows

I cannot believe this: Nordstrom is producing a line of Twilight-inspired clothing.

Sure, we'd all expect this from stores like Hot Topic, Wet Seal, and the more cost-conscious department stores (after all, what is a t-shirt like this one, if not the teen-girl equivalent of a Hannah Montana hoodie?), but I can't believe this line is being sold at Nordstrom, purveyor of $600 prom dresses, $185 candles, and—my favorite—$170 baby snow suits. (Sure, the kid will only fit into it for about a week and a half, but hey: it's Juicy couture!)

At least they're still charging sky-high prices, even for this truly hideous plaid shirt/dress-thing. It's a small comfort, but better than nothing.
Posted by: Julianka


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