According to ABC News, Twilight: Breaking Dawn-induced seizures are a Real Thing, so if your significant other is dragging you to see it for the third time this week, you can now fake a plausible medical emergency to get out of watching at least part of it. (I don't know when they get to the birth scene, which is apparently what triggers the seizures, but I'm assuming it's fairly late in the movie. Still, every little bit helps, and this should at least get you out of watching it a fourth time.)
Posted by: Julianka


29 Nov, 2011 01:02 AM @ version 0

My husband told me about the seizures and, since he has other problems from watching movies, we figure he would be a likely candidate to suffer them. "Gosh, I guess that means that I cannot drag you to the movie! We cannot go!" I said mock-brokenheartedly. "Nope, you'll just have to take your boyfriend* instead," he said. "B-but, no, wait..." I whined.

Such a nice husband, finding a way for me to still go. :-P

* Not really a boyfriend, but we joke about a good buddy being my boyfriend.

29 Nov, 2011 07:10 PM @ version 0

Hee. What we really liked about the original news story was that the interviewed couple (a husband and wife; the husband was the one who had the seizure) clearly returned the next day, undaunted, to finish the movie. Like, wouldn't most people regard a seizure as a sign from above that maybe this isn't the movie for them?

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