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Nov 21 2019

Holiday Gift Pick #7


Gift Idea #7: The 1619 Project

This year marks the 400th anniversary of the first enslaved people being brought to the United States from Africa. In August, The New York Times Magazine devoted an entire issue to the subject, featuring essays, photos, poetry, and fiction. It immediately sold out, but copies can be found on sale online...

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Jul 11 2019

I thought it was already gone, TBH


It's the end of an era: according to the Smithsonian Magazine, after a 67-year-long run, MAD magazine will stop publishing new issues, although they will apparently still be printing vintage...

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Nov 20 2018

Adios, Glamour


According to The Hollywood Reporter, Glamour has just sent out an announcement that they are ending the regular print format of their magazine. The first issue of Glamour was released in 1939, and...

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Jul 25 2018

Upwards and onwards


According to Slate, writer Ta-Nehisi Coates has announced he’s leaving The Atlantic. This makes sense for Coates, whose national profile has steadily been rising, but it's not a great sign for The Atlantic, particularly with their short-lived decision...

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Jun 6 2018

Interview rises again


Huh. There's been further news after our post about the demise of Interview, the long-running arts and culture magazine co-founded by Andy Warhol. According to WWD, there are plans for the magazine to almost immediately re-launch...

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May 24 2018

Farewell, Interview


According to The New York Times, Andy Warhol's Interview magazine is folding, nearly 50 years after it was founded. There have been rumors swirling for months about financial mismanagement (and, to be fair, it's a tough time for any magazine to survive), but...

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Sep 28 2017

Win some; lose some


I have trouble taking magazines like GQ seriously, but once in a while they surprise me, as they did with their utterly gripping recent longform article "The Untold Story of Kim Jong-nam’s Assassination", by Doug Bock Clark. The article is gruesome but fascinating, and well worth both your time and the embarrassment of...

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Sep 12 2017

Good luck in your future endeavors, sir.


Graydon Carter, longtime editor of Vanity Fair, recently announced that he will be stepping down after twenty-five years at the magazine's helm. Carter is regarded as a celebrity in his own right, and while his accomplishments as an editor, tastemaker, and Hollywood figure cannot be denied, I suspect his longest-lasting legacy...

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May 2 2017

Behind the scenes


There's a great article over on Buzzfeed by Anne Helen Petersen: "The Company Behind "The National Enquirer" Just Bought "Us Weekly" — Here's Why That Matters". The article goes into all kinds of details (everything from solid financial facts to...

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Apr 4 2017

Close to home


McSweeney's just posted the following list: National Geographic Articles in the Year 2030". It would be so much funnier if at least a handful of them ("95 Degrees Fahrenheit in December — Is This the Coldest Winter in Years?" and...

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Feb 14 2017

Way to go, Mother Jones!


Congratulations to Mother Jones magazine, which was recently named as the magazine of the year by the American Society Of Magazine Editors. According to Deadline, this year's National Magazine Awards were full of surprises...

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Nov 3 2016

Who knew?


Today, the website Cup of Jo posted an interview with a trio of New York Times Magazine employees about creating eye-catching cover art: design director Gail Bichler, associate photo editor Stacey Baker and prop stylist Randi Brookman Harris. The whole thing is a fascinating read, but...

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Apr 12 2016

Maybe one more


Okay, the adult coloring book market has gone from over-saturated to revoltingly soggy, but this is so, so gorgeous: Vogue has released Vogue Colors A to Z, a coloring book featuring "a Jazz Age–inspired alphabet, as well as 26 iconic Vogue covers from 1912 to 1932." The images...

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Aug 4 2015

No Billboard of Destiny, though?


According to NPR, The Strand editor Andrew Gulli has hunted down a previously unpublished F. Scott Fitzgerald short story called "Temperature", which appears in the current issue of his magazine...

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Sep 23 2014

Creepy! But interesting.


The online magazine Aeon recently took a fascinating (and legit horrifying) look at the long and troubling history of the Ladies’ Home Journal’s trademarked ‘Can This Marriage Be Saved?' column...

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Feb 1 2013

Waste of time


Ugh. NYMag recently posted a ridiculous article about Jane Austen's novels, asserting (shocker!) that she's, like, still way popular, particularly with the ladies! Thanks for the info, guys! The whole thing is really poorly researched (it describes The Lizzie Bennet Diaries as "a web series in which Mr. Darcy has Twitter", which, while technically true...

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Nov 20 2012

A sex scene that includes the word "wubbering" should win automatically.


Sadly, neither E.L. James nor J.K. Rowling have made the shortlist for the Literary Review's annual Bad Sex Award. Rowling's writing was described as containing a "couple of queasy moments", but overall judged to be too good, and intentionally pornographic/erotic literature is excluded, so that meant James's series was out...

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Nov 6 2012

The evolution of a magazine


The Atlantic recently posted a slideshow of their coverage of "the changing dynamics between women and men in America", starting with the 1859 article "Ought Women to Learn the Alphabet?" and ending with last month's "The Weaker Sex", by Sandra Tsing Loh...

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Oct 18 2012

The bell tolls for thee, Newsweek.


After nearly 80 years in print, Newsweek magazine has just announced that it will become an all-digital imprint starting next year. The final print edition of the weekly magazine will hit newsstands on December 31st...

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May 30 2012

Could be worse, I guess


Esquire magazine recently announced it will be releasing a series of ebooks dedicated to men’s fiction. The first edition will be a collection of short stories that aspires to satiate "the literary appetite of the male mind–whatever that may be"....

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Oct 28 2011

Science fair season is coming up

Thanks to the fine people at io9, I now know that Britain's Royal Society has recently opened up their historical archive of journals to the public, free of charge. The Royal Society has been pub...

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May 19 2011

Anyone else seeing Anne of Green Gables with a bow?

Well, Entertainment Weekly has released their May 20th cover image featuring Jennifer Lawrence as Hunger Games heroine Katniss Everdeen. And she looks fine, I suppose, although something about th...

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May 17 2011

Tempest in a Barnes and Noble teapot

According to Jezebel, Barnes and Noble has decided to censor the latest issue of Dossier magazine, lest readers mistake the cover image—featuring the nude torso of androgynous male model Andrej Pe...

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May 9 2011

Eat like a superhero

Whoa: somebody from the site Branded in the 80s dug up a copy of DC Comics' Super Heroes Super Healthy Cookbook, a mini cookbook that appeared in the July 1981 issue of Woman's Day. Doesn't the m...

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Aug 2 2010

Seriously, dude? Thucydides?

While checking out the Horn Book Blog, I followed a link to this Harvard Magazine profile of literary agent Andrew Wylie. I was mostly impressed by Mr. Wylie's seemingly colossal ego*, but I thin...

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Dec 21 2009

RIP, Kirkus

Horn Book's Roger Sutton posted a nice preemptive obituary for Kirkus Reviews, the pre-publication book review magazine scheduled to close at the end of the year. Sutton acknowleges Kirkus's repu...

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Dec 17 2009

Behind (way behind) the times

In a little bit of magazine news,'s Broadsheet points out that Time magazine's annual "Person of the Year" coverstory hasn't featured a standalone female pick since 1986(!!!). They go o...

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Aug 31 2009

Twilight + wedding dresses = girl-entertainment jackpot?

In what I can only describe as a desperate attempt to attract really young readers with the fashion equivalent of fanfiction, InStyle magazine asked several designers to sketch Bella Swann's weddi...

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Aug 18 2009

Fahrenheit 451: dumbed allll the way down?

Sarah Boxer has a nice article up in Slate about the recent graphic-novel adaptation of Ray Bradbury's classic novel Fahrenheit 451--you know, the book about a world where all books are banned exc...

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Mar 9 2009

Time magazine can bite me.

I've been reading a lot about the new Watchmen movie adaptation, and nearly every article I've seen mentions that the Alan Moore-penned graphic novel it was based on was included on Time's List of...

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