Waste of time

Ugh. NYMag recently posted a ridiculous article about Jane Austen's novels, asserting (shocker!) that she's, like, still way popular, particularly with the ladies! Thanks for the info, guys! The whole thing is really poorly researched (it describes The Lizzie Bennet Diaries as "a web series in which Mr. Darcy has Twitter", which, while technically true, is sort of like calling Pride and Prejudice a story about a pompous clergyman who proposes to his cousin and gets shot down). In an effort to save you time, I'll cull the article's few interesting points from the herd:
1. Musician Kelly Clarkson once paid $244,000 for a ring that had belonged to Austen.

2. HarperFiction has commissioned "remakes" of all of Austen's novels by well-known writers.
That's pretty much it. Seriously.
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