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Apr 23 2010

I'm *sure* there's already fanfic about this.

Huh. Apparently, long-running comic series Archie is about to introduce its first openly gay character. It's sweet that the Archie writers are trying to make their universe more diverse, but ge...

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Apr 6 2010


According to Digital Spy, Dark Horse will be coming out with another "season" of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer comic.I'd be happier about this news if the first season hadn't been such a disappoint...

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Apr 5 2010

Iron Man 2 cometh

Click here if you're interested in seeing a 2-minute-long clip from the upcoming Iron Man 2 movie. (Personally, I find it funnier if you picture Bill Gates standing in for the Tony Stark characte...

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Mar 30 2010

Smell like a superhero

The fine people at BellaSugar inform me that Diesel is planning to launch a limited-edition, Ironman-inspired version of its "Only the Brave" fragrance. The scent will remain the same--a blend of...

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Mar 25 2010

Hollywood validation

I tried reading the Scott Pilgrim graphic novels, but couldn't get into 'em--they seemed so impressed by their own quirky hipness that I was totally turned off. I thought at the time it was like ...

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Mar 19 2010

Tim Burton goes goth-lite... again.

Tim Burton has apparently made plans to direct a 3-D stop-motion film based on the original Addams Family cartoons by Charles Addams. I'd probably feel better about this if I hadn't been so under...

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Mar 16 2010


The website Popcandy (no relation) is currently featuring a sneak peek of the upcoming graphic novel adaptation of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, due out May 4th. It all looks very "Barbie vs. ...

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Mar 1 2010

Nerd Shakeup

I've never actually been to Comic-Con, but the possibility of the venerable convention leaving San Diego depresses me*. * Admittedly, this is mostly because I hear San Diego has a restaurant that...

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Jan 26 2010

Zombie TV

Huh: AMC has apparently green-lit a pilot for a television series based on Robert Kirkman's comic series The Walking Dead. I'm really hoping this gets picked up--I love zombie stuff, and think a...

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Jan 11 2010

Maybe they'll hire a better team this time...?

Ugh! After all that complaining we did about Marvel's Pride and Prejudice comic, now we're gonna have to suffer through a Sense and Sensibility one, too?Thankfully (for me), that's my least favori...

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Dec 22 2009

Looks like the dog version of Mr. Ed.

Dude, they're making a movie out of the Marmaduke comic strip. I'd embed a video, but frankly I'm not comfortable sharing that kind of thing with impressionable readers. If you're desperate to see...

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Nov 20 2009

When classics collide

I was listening to my local NPR affliate a few days ago and caught the tail end of an interview with Paul Constant, book editor for The Stranger. Mr. Constant was on KUOW to talk about three rece...

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Oct 8 2009

The ladies love him...

The New York Times asks: Is Archie Andrews a bigamist? I ask: who cares?

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Sep 3 2009

Robert Downey Jr. continues to work the comic book angle

Iron Man star Robert Downey Jr. has apparently signed on to star in a film adaptation of Cowboys and Aliens, a graphic novel created by Scott Mitchell Rosenberg in 2006. I haven't read it, but I ...

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Sep 2 2009

Merge of the Titans

The comic book world is all a-flutter with the news that Disney is buying Marvel for $4 billion... and while I don't have a big emotional stake in either one of these companies, if Disney casts an...

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Jul 17 2009

G. Willow Wilson chats with KUOW

DC Comics writer G. Willow Wilson chatted with Seattle-area NPR affiliate KUOW last March, but (luckily for me) they re-aired the interview yesterday, and I have now added Wilson's comic book seri...

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Jul 14 2009

Comic book casting news

There's been a fair number of movie casting announcements over the past few days. Natalie Portman has been cast as Jane Foster, the love interest in Kenneth Branagh's upcoming adaptation of Marve...

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Jun 29 2009

The Maxx is back on MTV has begun streaming their '90s-era bizarre-yet-fascinating cartoon adaptation of Sam Kieth's even more bizarre-yet-fascinating comic book series The Maxx. As I (distantly) recall,...

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Jun 29 2009

Propaganda for fun and paranoia

There's a fabulous article over on Sleep is For the Weak about the comics of North Korea, which are apparently chock-full of propaganda-y goodness. (In The Great General Mighty Wing, pictured righ...

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Jun 4 2009

Janet Evanovich's brave new world

Great news! According to the Times, Janet Evanovich is co-writing (with her daughter) a graphic novel for Dark Horse Comics based on her Metro Girl and Motor Mouth books. According to the article,...

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May 29 2009

End of an era

What's this? That eternal manwhore Archie has finally made up his mind about which one of the two poor, deluded girls he's been stringing along for decades (and a staggering 600 issues) will final...

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May 8 2009

Class act

In a truly classy gesture*, Jean Schulz (wife of the late Charles Schulz, creator of Peanuts) has donated one million dollars towards renovating Sullivant Hall, the future home of the Cartoon Libr...

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Apr 8 2009

Who knew?

Several news outlets have written posts in honor (uh... kinda) of the recent DVD release of George Lucas's movie Howard the Duck. I've never seen this film, but I read the Slate article "Wauaugh!"...

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Mar 4 2009

Pride and Prejudice comic book adaptation sneak peek!

Marvel's posted the first five pages, and, in a word, HOLY MOLY.I'm sorry to say this, but Mrs. Bennet looks like a drag queen and the five sisters look like the Pussycat Dolls. They did so well ...

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Feb 23 2009

There and back again

TV and movies are constantly looking to comic books for inspiration, and now the ABC Family show The Middleman is returning to its roots. The show was originally scheduled for a 13-episode run, bu...

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Feb 9 2009

'Bloom County' fans rejoice

Thanks to the fine people at IDW Publishing, fans of the classic comic strip Bloom County are about to have a dream realized: a high-quality, five-volume-long collection of nearly two years' worth...

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Jan 30 2009

Movie news from around the 'net

Amanda Seyfried is going to star in an upcoming adaptation of Oscar Wilde's A Woman of No Importance...Jamie Bell will play the lead in Tintin and Daniel Craig will play Red Rackham......and they ...

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Jan 23 2009

More Pride and Prejudice comic book news...

Click here to take a gander at the upcoming Marvel comic book adaptation of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice... and while you're at it, take a second to point and snicker at that Anita Blake cover.

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Jan 6 2009

Sounds like 30 Days of Night: II

Myriad Pictures and comic book publisher Studio 407 are joining forces to produce a feature film version of the indie comic book miniseries The Night Projectionist. The story takes place on Hallow...

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Dec 29 2008

Movies not getting made (part II)

Twentieth Century Fox, which has long argued that it holds a copyright interest in the upcoming Watchmen movie adaptation, has won an important victory: a federal judge in Los Angeles has issued a...

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