When classics collide

I was listening to my local NPR affliate a few days ago and caught the tail end of an interview with Paul Constant, book editor for The Stranger. Mr. Constant was on KUOW to talk about three recent comic titles of note: Robert Crumb's adaptation of Genesis (which: no thanks), David Mazzucchelli’s Asterios Polyp (also no thanks), and R. Sikoryak's Masterpiece Comics, which I'm actually really interested in. (An adaptation of Crime and Punishment featuring Batman, and Macbeth with Mary Worth? Sign me up!) You can hear the interview here; it makes for a fun listen.
Posted by: Julianka


20 Nov, 2009 10:23 PM @ version 0

Masterpiece Comics does sound interesting! I'll have to check out that interview.

21 Nov, 2009 03:52 AM @ version 0

I can't seem to find it in bookstores, tho. Is this a comicshop only thing?

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