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Jul 26 2023

A (possibly temporary) silver lining?


And speaking of the SDCC, the lack of TV/film stars has lead to a bumper year for comic book writers and artist, according to Publishers' Weekly. “Holy [expletive]," one comics exec told the publication, “Crowds are bonkers, sales are bonkers.” The news definitely...

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Nov 14 2019

Frank Miller will 100% find a way to make Nimue a stripper.


I'm mildly interested in the recently released "illustrated novel" Cursed, written by Thomas Wheeler and illustrated by Frank Miller. It's a retelling of Arthurian myth centered around Nimue, and set to become a Netflix series in 2020. (The show was announced more than a year ago, but I'm assuming the novel was published now in order to give it more real-book—versus "novelization" or "companion book"—cred.) It might work, too, but...

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Nov 7 2019

We hardly knew ye


According to Slashfilm, the upcoming X-Men solo movie about Kitty Pryde is dead. They're blaming it on the failure of the Dark Phoenix movie, but I don't think anyone is surprised that when things get even remotely dicey, Disney/Fox/Marvel...

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Oct 29 2019

Too soon


NPR recently posted an enthusiastic review of Danny Fingeroth's new biography of comics legend Stan Lee, A Marvelous Life. I'd be more interested in this, but A) I've been burned by their reviews before, and...

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Sep 23 2019

Treasury of the Lost Litter Box, by Darby Conley


I really enjoyed Darby Conley's comic strip Get Fuzzy, which ran in my local paper for more than a decade, and my family still routinely refers back to his joke about how you can “verb anything”. Conley and his strip disappeared about five years ago, much to my chagrin, but when I recently ran across a copy of his Treasury of the Lost Litter Box collection...

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Aug 8 2019

Does not compute


Gizmodo informs me that Nickelodeon has acquired the rights to make an animated TV series adaptation of Jim Davis's inexplicably popular Garfield comic strip. I mean... why? Why is there a demand for this? I've spent years reading about the death of newspapers...

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Aug 1 2019

Crossover event!


According to Deadline, the upcoming third season of Marvel’s Runaways will include a crossover episode with the series Cloak & Dagger, despite the fact that they air on different platforms. I haven't watched either of these shows since their first few episodes, but...

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Jul 25 2019



Classic sci-fi nerds take note: there is both an awesome-sounding new audio drama and a comic book adaptation based on Neuromancer author William Gibson's never-filmed script for Alien III...

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Jul 24 2019

Best of luck, dude.


With the recent publication of the final issue of The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Alan Moore has officially retired from comics, according to Screen Rant. His work spanned decades (and included perhaps DC's most beloved comic book of all time, The Killing Joke), won loads...

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Jul 18 2019

Back to the Future


According to Deadline, Amazon is taking their questionably-gotten Prime Day gains and buying a full season adaptation of Brian K. Vaughan's comic Paper Girls...

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Jul 10 2019

Take heed, friends


Just a reminder: July is the American Library Association's first "Graphic Novels in Libraries Month", so you should definitely check out your local library to see what, if anything, they're doing to celebrate. This event has some A+ sponsors...

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Jul 3 2019

My hopes are medium-low.


The biggest film adaptation news of the week has arrived: according to THR, Netflix is making a TV series version of Neil Gaiman's Sandman, and apparently money is no object...

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Jul 2 2019



Oooh, there's a plot twist coming for fans of Robert Kirkman's comic The Walking Dead. I won't spoil it for you here, but curious fans should head over to The New York Times for the announcement. A recent plot development...

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May 29 2019



There's a full-length trailer out for DC's upcoming Swamp Thing series, and it looks extremely dark, both literally and figuratively. I'm not sure if this is a purposeful attempt at building up suspense or an easy way for DC to save on their FX budget...

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May 21 2019

Art budget well spent


According to The Mary Sue, there's going to be a one-shot Buffy the Vampire Slayer prequel comic coming out in August from BOOM! Studios, called The Chosen Ones. It will apparently tell the stories of three historical...

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Apr 17 2019



Remember when I was surprised by the intensely negative fan reaction to the Hellboy trailer? Well, if this Tor review is accurate, the trailer did what it was supposed to do...

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Apr 9 2019

It's about... them?


The trailer is out for the upcoming animated Addams Family movie, and, while it conveys absolutely no sense of the plot, it does look like...

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Mar 28 2019

Rake in that cash


Just what the world needs: another Marvel ensemble! According to The Guardian, Angelina Jolie has signed up for the upcoming adaptation of The Eternals, yet another Marvel series I know nothing about. Jolie is a true A-lister, so I'm assuming...

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Feb 26 2019

Not the target audience, I guess


Apparently, the first trailer for the upcoming Hellboy reboot went over so badly they're cutting another one, and comic creator Mike Mignola says it's "so much better". I watched the first trailer, and while it doesn't seem...

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Feb 12 2019



I just caught a trailer for the upcoming TV series The Boys, based on the aggressively gritty comic series of the same name by writer Garth Ennis and co-creator and illustrator Darick Robertson. I'm not sure why the world needs so many shows and movies about...

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Feb 11 2019

Sleepless: Vol. 1, by Sarah Vaughn


A few months ago, I asked my local comic shop owner for his honest opinion of the new Books of Magic reboot. (I loved the original series as a kid, but I've been burned before by the various attempts at re-starting it, and my comics budget is not limitless.) He hesitated—clearly, a sale's a sale—but...

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Jan 22 2019

Weekly Book Giveaway: By Night, Issues 1-4, by John Allison


Our latest Book Giveaway is the first four issues of John Allison's new series By Night. Not to spoil anything, but of all the comic titles we've reviewed recently, this is FAR AND AWAY the best one. A full review will follow shortly, and this giveaway will run through 4/26/19...

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Jan 14 2019

Buffy the Vampire Slayer (BOOM! Comics), Issue #1, by Jordie Bellaire


More than twenty years after the TV series' debut (and twenty-seven after the original movie), and despite a plethora of spin-offs, continuations, and a potential reboot, BOOM! comics decided that what the world needed was yet another take on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. This time it's a modern-day retelling of the original series, and while a few aspects of it work, thus far the storytelling well is looking pretty dry...

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Dec 20 2018

Lovecraft, improved


Slate recently posted an essay about the many nods to H.P. Lovecraft in the recent DC movie adaptation of Aquaman. The writer also points out, with understandable pleasure, the many ways in which this new film would shock and horrify...

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Dec 20 2018

Maybe Apple will let him kick that stupid football


Apple has picked up the rights to produce new content based on Charles M. Schulz’s beloved Peanuts characters. I wasn't raised on the various Peanuts specials, so I don't fully grasp their appeal...

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Dec 18 2018

Worth MORE than what you pay for them


The Hollywood Reporter is offering a sneak peek at next year's Free Comic Book Day offerings, and they look pretty good! There's always a lot of industry tie-ins...

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Oct 9 2018

Fingers crossed


And in other comic book adaptation news, the full trailer is out for Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, the Riverdale spin-off (kind of?) that will be released on Netflix on October 26th. It looks dreamy, all rich colors and vintage clothes, so...

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Oct 9 2018

The hairspray budget is going to be astronomical


The trailer is out for Deadly Class, the Russo brothers' TV adaptation of Rick Remender's comic book of the same name. The plot has been done before (many times), but I was excited to see...

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Oct 4 2018

Again: meh.


And in other comic adaptation news, the And in other comic adaptation news, the trailer for the second season of Runaways is out. The dinosaur might look a little less hokey, but they still seem to have blown most of their budget...

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Oct 2 2018

Quite a run


It's the end of an era: NPR informs me that after 40 years of publication, the fantasy comic ElfQuest has come to an end. I had no idea ElfQuest was still running (it was considered pretty dated and hokey, even when I was a kid), but...

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