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Oct 25 2016

Not feeling it


There's been a lot of controversy over the United Nations' recent decision to appoint Wonder Woman as their honorary ambassador for the empowerment of women and girls. I can actually appreciate...

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Sep 20 2016

Brighter future


According to The Verge, orders for comic books have hit a 20-year high. The surge seems to be currently benefiting DC Comics, which sold nine out of the 10 best-selling issues released last month (Harley Quinn #1 was the top seller), but...

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Sep 8 2016



Next week will feature the release of Berkeley Breathed's The Bill the Cat Story: A Bloom County Epic (a picture book), and September 27th will see the release of Bloom County Episode XI: A New Hope (the first collection of the strips Breathed has been releasing on his Facebook page since 2015). As lifelong Bloom County fan, I...

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Aug 10 2016



How did I miss this? Bone creator Jeff Smith just released Bone: Coda, a new and "completely superfluous" adventure featuring the Bone cousins. The standalone story, written and illustrated by Smith, was produced in honor of the 25th anniversary of the first issue of the (at the time) black-and-white, self-published comic...

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Jun 21 2016

When in doubt...


In light of their current struggles, Vertigo is going back previously fertile ground: they're reviving the Fables 'verse, which ended about a year ago. The new spin-off series will be called Everafter: From the Pages of Fables. Here's the...

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Apr 21 2016

Down and possibly out


Comic Book Resources posted an article yesterday about a major shake-up at DC's Vertigo Comics, which will apparently involve "re-examining the direction and focus of the Vertigo imprint" and cutting loose their longtime Executive Editor...

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Apr 5 2016

Goofy! Hopefully on purpose!


LaineyGossip recently posted several pictures of Benedict Cumberbatch and Chiwetel Ejiofor in the upcoming movie adaptation of Marvel's Doctor Strange. I've never read Doctor Strange, but I cannot believe how well Cumberbatch's face lends itself to a comic book character...

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Dec 8 2015

Maybe a nice vacation?


So, I finally got around to watching the trailer for Captain America: Civil War. (It was posted last month, but my interest in Marvel's increasingly bloated universe is waning.) It looks...

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Nov 12 2015



There's another manhwa-to-TV adaptation in the works: an adaptation of Park Hee-jung's webtoon Cat and Dog. According to Dramabeans, it's a contract marriage-based romantic drama...

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Nov 3 2015

Upping the ante


The first trailer is out for AMC's upcoming adaptation of Garth Ennis's comic Preacher, and it looks like hyper-stylized, violent fun. From what I remember of this comic (which, admittedly, is not much), the show is going to need to edit out a lot of stuff to even reach Game of Thrones-levels...

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Oct 8 2015



I've finally had a chance to check out the various promotional videos for Netflix's upcoming Jessica Jones adaptation (they're helpfully compiled here), and I am 100% in love...

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Aug 27 2015



I was rolling with the assumption that Berkeley Breathed's new Bloom County strips weren't appearing in major newspapers because they were being produced on an intermittent schedule, but now I'm thinking...

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Aug 14 2015

The bell tolls for Vertigo?


io9 just posted a rather grim essay about the future of Vertigo Comics, DC's imprint for adults. I started reading Vertigo comics when I was in high school, and I've been an issue-or-two-per-month reader ever since...

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Jul 9 2015

Just saying.


THR has posted interesting article about the difficulty of handling security for Comic-Con. Apparently, they're expecting costumed attendees to show up with around 3,000 "weapons", each one of which needs to be carefully inspected...

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Jun 30 2015

Scraping the bottom of the barrel, guys?


Ah, just what the world needs: Badass Santa: The Comic. (Not its real name, sadly.) I originally assumed this sucker was a joke, but...

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Jun 25 2015



Okay, um, GROSS. The latest full trailer for the upcoming live-action adaptation of Attack on Titan is out, and it's final: there are some things I don't need to see on a big screen (and some things I really don't need to see in 3D), and huge, nude, people-eating zombie-things rank high on that list...

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Jun 24 2015

Fingers crossed


According to LaineyGossip, Selma director Ava DuVernay has been tapped to direct Marvel's upcoming film adaptation of the comic Black Panther, due out in 2018. This will be the first Marvel superhero movie to feature an African-American main character...

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May 7 2015

The Marvel juggernaut rolls on


I was pleased to learn that ABC has chosen to renew Marvel's Agent Carter, but I can't help but wonder if Marvel worked out some kind of deal with the network in an effort to improve their current reputation re: female characters...

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May 5 2015

Update: Marvel still full of jackasses


io9 put together a very helpful summary of the main talking points surrounding the fan reaction to Joss Whedon's depiction of the Black Widow in Avengers: Age of Ultron. It's a quick but comprehensive read, and will bring anyone up-to-date on the whole kerfluffle who doesn't want to wade through a million pages' worth of Internet commentary...

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Apr 28 2015

Free Comic Book Day


Just a reminder: this Saturday, May 2nd, is Free Comic Book Day, and (as always) there's a ton of titles on offer. You can see all the possible options here, but...

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Apr 14 2015

They can't sell us a Black Widow movie, but they can sell Ant-Man?


The first trailer is out for the upcoming Marvel movie Ant-Man, starring Paul Rudd. I really like Rudd, and Marvel has succeeded in transforming even dorkier characters (like, say, a talking, trigger-happy raccoon) into...

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Jan 29 2015

Take two


It looks like Marvel would like everyone to forget the 2005 and 2007 Fantastic Four movies (even though they made a fair bit of money). Now the studio wants all their movies to match, and, since the original F4 films stand out like sore, tacky thumbs, they're attempting a far more dignified re-do...

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Jan 13 2015



Hark! A Vagrant author Kate Beaton recently announced that she has written her first book for children, and clearly she knows her audience: the book will be called The Princess and the Pony. I have no idea if said pony is THIS pony, but...

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Nov 11 2014

I hope he gets LOADS of wine.


The internet was recently blessed with a great single-page comic titled "Hero in Action: Bottle of Wine", written and illustrated by artist Russ Heath...

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Nov 4 2014

Teardrops on my keyboard


I'm presenting this without comment: John Allison has announced that he's done writing my beloved Bad Machinery. He's not done with the characters, but he's shifting his focus back to the larger world of...

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Oct 23 2014

Marvel just loves scenes of destruction.


The trailer is out for the upcoming Marvel mega-project Avengers: Age of Ultron, and I have thoughts. First, is Ultron, like, a Terminator? (Also, why the ballerinas? Will they serve some plot purpose, or do ballerinas just look cool?) I have no doubts this movie will make a zillion dollars, but it looks a little depressing...

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Oct 9 2014

One last attempt


According to THR, the US Supreme Court has declined to review a challenge to Warner Bros./DC Comics' claim to the rights to Superman...

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Sep 5 2014

Lois Lane gets the YA treatment


According to the website DC Women Kicking Ass, Lois Lane will be starring in a YA novel by author Gwenda Bond and published by Capstone/Switch, to be released next May...

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Jul 17 2014

Marvel shakes things up


Big plot tweaks are on the way from Marvel: Thor is gonna be a woman, and the Captain America role is going to be handed over to Sam Wilson (AKA the Falcon, recently played by Anthony Mackie in Captain America: The Winter Soldier)...

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Jun 12 2014

Wonder Woman at long last


Hollywood entertainment columnist Nikki Finke just launched her self-titled gossip site, and she kicked off with one hell of a scoop: a complete (alleged) list of Warner Bros/DC Comics' upcoming film projects. I have no idea if this information is accurate...

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