The bell tolls for Vertigo?

io9 just posted a rather grim essay about the future of Vertigo Comics, DC's imprint for adults. I started reading Vertigo comics when I was in high school, and I've been an issue-or-two-per-month reader ever since. Sure, there were some serious misfires along the way (like that atrocious Books of Magick: Life During Wartime spin-off), but I have a lot of nostalgia-tinged fondness for many, many Vertigo titles, and I hope the imprint can find a way to limp along. (Although I'm not sure that a comic about Lord Byron being magically transported to the modern world is going to be a big seller. Um, he was a hardcore nutjob who had sex with his half-sister and tried to PERSONALLY lead Greece to war with the Ottoman Empire. Dude was unhinged, is what I'm saying, and not in a fun, quirky way.)
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