End of an era

What's this? That eternal manwhore Archie has finally made up his mind about which one of the two poor, deluded girls he's been stringing along for decades (and a staggering 600 issues) will finally have the honor of becoming Mrs. Manwhore!

Oh, the romance. So touching...
Posted by: Julianka


29 May, 2009 05:31 PM @ version 0

It really, really saddens me that Archie and its spinoffs frequently get listed as "girl friendly" comics. Picture-perfect girls constantly fighting over one immature and unfaithful boy in an idyllic "high school" setting (somehow they have all these freedoms of adults without the responsibilities) do not seem like quite the best reading for girls curious about comics... or anyone, for that matter.

And I'm sure that she being accustomed to the best that money can buy and he being poor will make for a fantastic, stable marriage. Speaking of marriage, does this mean that the gang finally graduated from high school?

30 May, 2009 08:13 AM @ version 0

Apparently they have. I think it's set 5 years in the future (but am not sure, so don't take my word for it). I think what will happen is Archie will eventually end up marrying Betty. He might propose to Veronica, but in the end Betty will be the one who "wins" him.

Poor girl.

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