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Feb 1 2008

Why, movie gods? WHYYYY?!?

Variety is reporting that Hollywood is making ANOTHER film adaptation of Emily Bronte's Wuthering Heights. Now, as longtime Wordcandy readers know, I am not a fan of Wuthering Heights (classic lo...

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Jan 10 2008

Holy CATS.

Is there GROPING* I see in this trailer for the upcoming BBC adaptation of Austen's Sense and Sensibility, or am I just filthy-minded? *Okay, maybe it's not full-blown groping... but there are tra...

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Jan 7 2008

A new "Dune" movie?

I'm not sure whether I'm more excited or horrified by this news:'Ladies and gentlemen, the next huge sci-fi franchise has a director. During an interview with "The Kingdom" director Peter Berg, he...

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Dec 6 2007

There's a fine line between optimism and stupidity...

...and I frequently find myself walking it. After all, it's not like I enjoyed the first Narnia film adaptation, but I have a sinking feeling I'll end up seeing the second one. Click here for th...

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Nov 30 2007

Bad movies abound.

New York Times book reviewer Rachel Donadio just wrote an article about the increasingly tangled relationship between books and movies. According to Donadio's article, some publishers are now part...

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Nov 29 2007

Welcome to the O.Z.

Pros: I like Zooey Deschanel well enough, and I like the concept of updating The Wonderful Wizard of OZ. Cons: Unfortunately, this trailer looks like 100% pure Velveeta.

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Oct 25 2007

The Birds redux

In surprisingly positive movie adaptation news, Naomi Watts is said to be starring in an upcoming remake of The Birds. According to the article I saw, this time they're apparently trying to stick...

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Aug 31 2007

Another day, another iffy film adaptation

BBC One is making a feature-length film adaptation of Noel Streatfeild's children's classic Ballet Shoes. This production will star Victoria Wood, Richard Griffiths, Marc Warren, and Emma Watson ...

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Aug 13 2007


Usually we enjoy retold fairytales, but this film adapation of Snow White looks dorky as hell:And just what did they do to that poor girl's neck?

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Aug 10 2007

Ooh, classy!

I totally encourage everybody to check out the trailer for the upcoming "digitally-enhanced live action" movie adaptation of Beowulf--it had me giggling for hours. Literary purists might be a lit...

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Aug 8 2007

Austen geeks take note

The people behind the upcoming film adaptation of The Jane Austen Book Club are currently running a contest with an excellent grand prize: a ticket to one of the 2008 JASNA-sponsored tours of Engl...

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Jul 24 2007


Why, Hollywood, WHY?!?Why isn't Will British? Why is there a romantic subplot? Why are there magical hijinks? WHY DID THEY EVEN MAKE THIS TRAVESTY?

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Jul 13 2007

Harry Potter Toolishness, Part II

CURSE YOU, SIENNA MILLER!!!When will British girls learn? I don't care HOW cute you are, Emma Watson, NO ONE is cute enough to carry off this kind of outfit. Those BOOTS! That SATIN! Those... dang...

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Jun 26 2007


Slate has posted an essay about the upcoming movie adaptation of Richard Yates's 1961 book Revolutionary Road, described by the essayist as "one of the most depressing novels ever written". Why i...

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Jun 11 2007

See the bear dance...

Interested parties can now download the high-definition trailer for the upcoming The Golden Compass movie. While all the human actors look great--I can't believe how slinky Nicole Kidman looks--t...

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Jun 8 2007

Another one bites the dust

The film review site Pajiba is reporting that one of the big literary successes of 2006, Marisha Pessl's debut novel Specialty Topics in Calamity Physics, is going to be turned into a movie.This...

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Apr 26 2007

Spin the wheel

New Line's website for their Golden Compass movie adaptation is up and running, and allows fans to play a twenty questions-style game that determines what their deamon would be. (It's kinda fun--m...

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Apr 24 2007

International Trailer Action!

Here is another sneak peak of what to expect this summer from the next Harry Potter movie, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Now if we could just get a sample chapter from the final bo...

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Apr 6 2007

Stardust Trailer

We've been keeping an eye on the new Stardust movie, and we now have a trailer. Take a look:There's a better version on the official Stardust website, located here.

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Mar 19 2007

Movie news is reporting that Daniel Craig and Julianne Moore* are in talks to star in a film adaptation of José Saramago's Nobel Prize-winning novel Blindness. I've never read Blindness (I'm still w...

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Feb 13 2007

A Nancy Drew movie, too?

The trailer is out for the new Nancy Drew movie and I have to say: I am not sure that I'm going to enjoy this film. Maybe it is all of the Veronica Mars I've been watching for the past few years, ...

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Feb 9 2007

Movie news

We're rarely happy about Wordcandy movie adaptations, but we've found that if we play it safe and keep our expectations very, very low, we can usually get through them without too much trauma. Un...

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Feb 2 2007

Odds and ends.

A few reactions, some Harry Potter bits, and another anime/manga rec:1. I have now seen the first episode of the the Wallflower anime, and yes, the artwork is awful. (Plus, they chose a disturbi...

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Jan 26 2007

Only to be expected

The film adaptation of Annette Curtis Klause's wonderful YA novel Blood and Chocolate is out today, and the reviews are uniformly unenthusiastic. There's a lot of comments along the lines of "it'...

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Jan 5 2007

Lyra! Mrs. Coulter! Lord James Bond!

New Line has released a load of Golden Compass stills, and they look lovely:You can view the rest here and here.

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Dec 26 2006

Mmm, cheese....

Last night, after countless hours of gifts, desserts, and relatives, it was time for Nathan, Meg, and me to meet up for our annual Christmas movie outing. This year we decided to see Eragon. We k...

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Dec 19 2006

More Stardust pics...

Including one of Claire Danes, looking be-wigged (although that might just be a really unfortunate dye job):One of Michelle Pfeiffer and some goats, looking misty:And one of Sienna Miller and Char...

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Dec 6 2006

More HP news...

This last Saturday's broadcast of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets on ABC Family included several sneak peeks of the upcoming Order of the Phoenix movie. In case (like me) you don't regula...

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Nov 28 2006

He'll get my $8.75.

Although just last week there were rumors to the contrary*, now we're hearing that Peter Jackson will be directing the film version of The Hobbit, although the film won't be made by New Line. Con...

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Nov 22 2006

More preview action

Well, I'm trying to be all adult and mature about this, so I can only say this: the newest Harry Potter trailer looks totally awesome. (That's me being restrained.) The last shot's a little giggle...

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