Mmm, cheese....

Last night, after countless hours of gifts, desserts, and relatives, it was time for Nathan, Meg, and me to meet up for our annual Christmas movie outing. This year we decided to see Eragon. We knew it looked terrible, but our Christmas movie is never chosen for its intellectual weight, and after two days of non-stop family members, a little D&D-style stupidity sounded perfect. Dragons? Swordfighting? Right up our alley!

Sadly, we probably would have been better off renting Reign of Fire--at least that had Christian Bale in it. Eragon seemed to consist mainly of this (admittedly, very, very pretty) boy riding along on horse- or dragonback, set to inspirational music. Then there was a big battle scene at the end, which was cut so choppily that I couldn't tell what was going on, featuring a bad guy whose look seemed to have been lifted wholesale from the Subspecies movies. I'm not saying that I won't see the other movies in the series--hey, a girl's got to see something on Christmas, and that boy is cute as a freaking button--but this was a hot mess.

I was very excited to see this, though:

There's going to be a movie based on Annette Curtis Klause's Blood and Chocolate! Sure, it's by the producers of Underworld, and it stars a soap opera actress with perfect nails, and they obviously totally screwed up the story... but still! Neat!
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26 Dec, 2006 07:00 PM @ version 0

It looks like it stars Kate Beckinsdale. Did they photoshop that girl's head so she'll be virtually interchangeable with Kate's head on the 'Underworld' poster?

26 Dec, 2006 08:32 PM @ version 0

That movie looks TERRIBLE. You can see the trailer on MTV.

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