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Jan 19 2012


At long last, there is news on the film adaptation of Jeff Smith's Bone. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the project has found a writer (Patrick Sean Smith, creator of the ABC Family show Gr...

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Jan 17 2012

Maybe a TV show...

According to the website GossipCop, Lionsgate Films would really like to find a way to continue the Twilight movie series after the final* installment is released this fall.*Here's hoping, anyway.

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Jan 9 2012

I'll even pay for a full-price ticket.

I'm really hoping the Rurouni Kenshin live-action movie gets a decently wide US release, because it looks straight-up awesome:Not a fake panda suit in sight, thankfully.

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Jan 6 2012

Like they're not going to make money hand over fist...

According to THR, the American Federation of Musicians intended to picket a shoot of the TV show Mad Men yesterday. I have little interest in Mad Men, but the reason the musicians are angry is ac...

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Jan 5 2012


According to NPR, nine of the top ten money-making movies of 2011* were "kiddie" films—movies based on YA books, comics, toys, or pulp fiction. I'm unconvinced by that definition (pulp fiction is...

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Jan 3 2012

And I'm sure the Hollywood version will be even deeper and more thoughtful than the original.

There's a fair amount of big-name casting news out for the upcoming movie adaptation of Orson Scott Card's Ender's Game. I've always disliked the book (I was particularly irritated by Card's intr...

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Dec 26 2011

Half of The Hobbit

The Hobbit trailer is out (at long last):Uh... is that a touching moment between Galadriel and Gandalf? Because I don't know if I want to see that.

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Dec 22 2011

Yet more Bond

And speaking of upping the grimness factor in popular movie franchises, Daniel Craig is reportedly in talks to star in five more James Bond films.

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Dec 22 2011

Doom, gloom, and brunettes

The Batman: The Dark Knight Returns trailer is out:I'm certain there's some thoughtful comment I should be making about what this movie has to say about the current state of politics and the econo...

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Dec 19 2011
Dec 14 2011

The anti-James Bond

And speaking of dour movies, the new adaptation of John le Carré's 1974 espionage novel Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy has hit theaters:It's getting great reviews, so if you'd like to see something ...

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Dec 13 2011


The new trailer is out for the upcoming adaptation of Jonathan Safran Foer's novel Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close. Behold:Dead dads, 9-11 victims, and WWII survivors? Yep. Won't be seeing...

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Dec 1 2011

Oooh, cheesy!

The first full-length trailer is out for Disney's John Carter (based on the "Barsoom" series by Edgar Rice Burroughs), and it looks like it's staying pretty close to its space-western roots:Barrin...

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Nov 28 2011


According to ABC News, Twilight: Breaking Dawn-induced seizures are a Real Thing, so if your significant other is dragging you to see it for the third time this week, you can now fake a plausible ...

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Nov 17 2011

Ranma 1/2 gets promoted

Rumiko Takahashi has drawn a poster for the upcoming live-action adaptation of her classic manga Ranma 1/2, and while I'm feeling most of it, what is up with Genma's panda suit?!? I understand no...

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Nov 16 2011


The trailer's out for the other Snow White adaptation, too. I don't think anyone is going to confuse these two movies:

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Nov 14 2011

Suppressed emotions and leg waxing

The first full-length trailer is out for The Hunger Games, and it focuses far more on the interpersonal drama than the kid-on-kid violence. Probably a smart move, considering I still have no idea...

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Nov 11 2011

Snow White goes goth

It pains me to admit that I will probably see this:

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Nov 7 2011

Miss Havisham: surprisingly young and hot

I just discovered that Helena Bonham-Carter and Gillian Anderson will be playing the role of Miss Havisham in two separate adaptations of Great Expectations due out next year. I'm sure they'll bo...

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Nov 4 2011

Taking liberties

Very few of the recent film adaptations of Dr. Seuss's books have been successful, but I'm wondering if the people behind the upcoming movie The Lorax even read their source material. This is an ...

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Oct 31 2011

The Magic Tree House gets animated

The full-length trailer is out for the upcoming Japanese anime adaptation of Mary Pope Osborne's mega-popular Magic Tree House books. The film will open in Japan on January 7, 2012, and I suspect...

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Oct 18 2011

Dude must have a lot of time on his hands

Speaking of classic manga adaptations, AnimeNewsNetwork has announced that the 1982 animated film The Last Unicorn is getting a theatrical re-release in 2012 and 2013, and author Peter S. Beagle i...

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Oct 17 2011

On the brink

According to, there's movement on the live-action Akira movie adaptation front. The movie has been in development for what seems like forever (the original Japanese film, based...

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Oct 17 2011

Why, movie gods, why?!?

Ugh: Megan told me that a second Percy Jackson and the Olympians movie was in the works, thanks to healthier-than-expected (or justified) international numbers for the first film, but I was hoping...

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Oct 13 2011

The Thin Man redux

According to THR, writer-director Billy Ray has been hired to write a new adaptation of the classic Dashiell Hammett novel The Thin Man. Johnny Depp (seriously, does that man ever take time off?)...

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Oct 6 2011

Alcohol and bedazzled turtles?

The trailer's up for the movie adaptation of The Rum Diary, based on the Hunter S. Thompson novel of the same name:Yep. Won't be seeing this one either.

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Oct 5 2011

He's no Raymond Burr, but...

According to Variety, Warner Bros. and Robert Downey Jr. are planning to relaunch the Perry Mason franchise (based on the original series by Erle Stanley Gardner) as a feature film, with Downey Jr...

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Oct 3 2011

Rom-com on the lam

The One for the Money trailer is out, and I'll give it a solid "looks better than I thought it would". (Apart from Heigl's Jersey accent, which is straight-up embarrassing.)Of course, my expectat...

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Sep 30 2011

Why does Anna Faris keep doing this to me?

Seriously, I like Anna Faris, and I would totally shell out cold hard cash to watch her in something that wasn't Yogi Bear, part of the Scary Movie franchise, or... this.I just discovered Faris's ...

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Sep 20 2011

Pulp fiction on the small screen

Salon recently posted an enthusiastic review of the 2009 movie Solomon Kane, claiming it's "far superior" to the recent Conan the Barbarian film. (Which, hello: damning with faint praise.) Conan...

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