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Feb 12 2019



I just caught a trailer for the upcoming TV series The Boys, based on the aggressively gritty comic series of the same name by writer Garth Ennis and co-creator and illustrator Darick Robertson. I'm not sure why the world needs so many shows and movies about...

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Feb 6 2019

So many questions


Man, this new Nancy Drew movie is really leaning in on the "Nancy Drew = Sammy Keyes" vibe, isn't it? I don't object, exactly, but...

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Jan 24 2019

Movies that don't exist yet


The fine people at LitHub have an ongoing series where they mentally cast actors in thus-far-imaginary movie adaptations of books. I haven't read most of the books that they're talking about, but I have read Kindred, and...

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Jan 16 2019

Maybe give Dahl a rest?


According to Variety, Anne Hathaway will be starring as the Grand High Witch in Robert Zemeckis and Warner Bros.’ adaptation of Roald Dahl's The Witches. Hathaway will be playing the same role Anjelica Huston played in the 1990 movie...

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Jan 9 2019

How many boxes of tissues will be necessary?


Every time I see the trailer for If Beale Street Could Talk, I remind myself that this is not the kind of movie I want to see in a theater. It looks gorgeous, sure, and I'm sure the cinematography would be incredible on the big screen... but this is film that cries out for...

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Dec 20 2018

Lovecraft, improved


Slate recently posted an essay about the many nods to H.P. Lovecraft in the recent DC movie adaptation of Aquaman. The writer also points out, with understandable pleasure, the many ways in which this new film would shock and horrify...

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Dec 18 2018

Whatever sells


According to Deadline, Disney recently won a bidding war for the rights to Melissa de la Cruz's latest YA book, 29 Dates. I've never enjoyed de la Cruz's writing, but plenty of people do: she's written over 40 books, most of which were hugely successful...

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Dec 6 2018

Oh, no.


I still can't believe that a sexy One Direction self-insertion fanfic found a mainstream publisher... and then became a best-seller... and is now being made into an intensely cheesy-looking feature film...

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Dec 4 2018

I've got a copy somewhere...


In honor of William Goldman, who died at age 87 last month, Slate published a loving tribute to The Princess Bride—both Goldman's novel, and his skillful adaption into the beloved 1987 film of the same name...

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Nov 20 2018

Aggressive quirk


And also on The Hollywood Reporter, Endeavor Content (the company that makes Killing Eve) has picked up the film rights to My Best Friend’s Exorcism, a horror novel by Grady Hendrix (of Horrorstor fame)...

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Nov 14 2018

Holiday schmaltz?


The trailer is out for the movie adaptation of Julie Murphy's YA novel Dumplin'. The movie will feature Jennifer Aniston as the heroine's mother and songs by Dolly Parton, so I'm assuming...

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Nov 6 2018



How did I miss the previous trailers for this new Robin Hood movie? Why does it look so terrible? (And why are the costumes so weird?) If it didn't have a reasonably big-name cast, I'd assume this was, like, a Syfy original series...

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Oct 18 2018

I've always wanted a comma between "there" and "God"


Apparently, Judy Blume recently announced that she was considering opening up more of her books to potential film adaptations, and someone has just snagged her most famous novel. According to Deadline, producer James L. Brooks and writer Kelly Fremon Craig...

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Oct 11 2018

Maybe two boxes


I finally saw a trailer for If Beale Street Could Talk, the upcoming movie directed by Moonlight's Berry Jenkins and based on the novel of the same name by James Baldwin. The movie looks amazing, but also...

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Oct 4 2018

Could (and has) been worse


The trailer for Dark Phoenix is out. I thought they already covered this ground in The Last Stand, but apparently not to the filmmakers' satisfaction...? Anyway, I'm glad to see...

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Sep 26 2018

Thanks, but...


The Times just posted an article about a new filmed version of King Lear, mostly notable because of its cast, which includes Anthony Hopkins, Emma Thompson, and Emily Watson. It will debut on Amazon Prime Video on Friday...

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Sep 25 2018

Does someone rip off a wig?


I finally saw the trailer for A Simple Favor. I had no idea it was based on a book until I read a review describing it as a "campy" take on Gone Girl. Gone Girl already seemed pretty camp to me...

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Sep 13 2018

I'll save money, though


Vulture just posted a list of 19 Movies Based on Books Still to Come in 2018. I'm really only interested in the Battle Angel Alita remake, but every time I catch a glimpse of the trailer...

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Sep 11 2018

Next rainy weekend


Pajiba has just posted a review of the first three episodes of ITV/Amazon's adaptation of Thackeray's Vanity Fair. They make the show sound pretty fun, but...

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Aug 14 2018

Vital role


And speaking of both interviews and the upcoming Crazy Rich Asians movie, Forbes recently posted an interview with CRA costume designer Mary Vogt about the importance of "Sartorial Storytelling". If you've read the book, you...

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Aug 7 2018

The money continues to roll in


This morning Deadline reported an update about yet another Stephen King movie adaptation: filming is underway In the Tall Grass, based on a short story King co-wrote with his son Joe Hill. The movie will star Patrick Wilson and be released by Netflix in 2019...

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Aug 2 2018

Older and wiser, sure, but not old and wise


So much Jane Austen news recently! I just learned that there are TWO modern-day film adaptations inspired by Jane Austen's Persuasion in the works. I have always loved the 1995 movie version of Persuasion, and I thought the 2007 version was... reasonably watchable, but I'd like to see an adaptation that plays up what I consider to be a central aspect of the novel...

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Jul 17 2018

Hell no


I'm sorry, but everything about this Mary Queen of Scots movie looks terrible. Some dude on Vulture posted a solid little explanation of the fundamental things the promotional posters are getting wrong, but...

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Jun 28 2018

When it comes out on DVD


Okay, this movie looks incredibly well made and timely and important... and absolutely wrenching. The trailer is out for the hotly-anticipated adaptation of Angie Thomas's The Hate U Give. I've watched it twice, and have firmly decided that there is absolutely zero chance of me watching this movie in public...

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Jun 21 2018

If only...


I want to go here: Dumbarton House in Washington D.C., headquarters of The National Society of The Colonial Dames of America, is hosting its 7th Annual Jane Austen Film Festival on Wednesday nights from July 11th through August 1st 2018. I don't actually like any of the films that they've chosen, and...

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Jun 14 2018



Entertainment Weekly is currently doing their level best to make Aquaman look serious, and Lord knows Jason Momoa's face is doing some heavy lifting... but I'm sorry, nothing is going to make this movie seem anything other than goofy...

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Jun 12 2018



The official trailer for the upcoming film adaptation of Philip Reeve's Mortal Engines is out, and I'm assuming (based on the December release date) the producers have high hopes for it... but I'm not really seeing why. This is not a good trailer: the dialogue is clunky and clichéd, the biggest name involved (apart from Peter Jackson) is Hugo Weaving, and...

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Jun 7 2018

Not DC or Marvel, but it looks like it


The trailer is out for The Girl in the Spider's Web, Sony's attempt to re-launch the Lisbeth Salander series, this time starring The Crown's Claire Foy. They appear to have done everything possible to make this look like a superhero movie...

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May 24 2018

I'd even pay FULL PRICE.


There are some big, awesome names indicating interest in making a movie adaptation of Marvel's Ms. Marvel: Mindy Khaling, Riz Ahmed, Jameela Jamil. Right now, I suspect the similarity of the Captain Marvel/Ms. Marvel names would cause confusion...

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May 15 2018

Captain Marvel, explained


LaineyGossip recently posted an article about the upcoming Captain Marvel film. This article is ostensibly about casting updates (Annette Bening is gonna be in it!), but it also offers a helpful guide to...

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