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Apr 22 2014



Wow. This is quite the eye-catcher: according to Boston Magazine, the Edgar Allan Poe Foundation of Boston has chosen sculptor Stefanie Rocknak to create sculpture bronze, life-sized statue honoring author and poet Edgar Allan Poe. Poe is depicted with a suitcase in hand, a raven in front of him, and a dramatically flapping coat...

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Apr 8 2014

It could be internet-famous!


April Fools jokes generally leave me cold, but I did enjoy these fake book titles from the Dear Author website. And while I have my doubts about anything written by someone named "Chastity Velvet", and—no joke—I have a bunch of YA books that look exactly like their Shattered Brokeness...

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Apr 1 2014

In my defense, it's a super-fun game.


I'm pretty sure this adorable Robin Hood-themed print from Ohio artist James Graves (currently on sale at HelpInk for $12) should inspire more noble thoughts than: "Dude, I haven't played Conquests of the Longbow in forever...

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Mar 6 2014

Books on walls


Apartment Therapy recently introduced me to the website, which (as the name would indicate) offers "free downloads of high quality vintage posters and retro art prints." Not all of the images are available for commercial use, and I suspect the cost of having a high-quality print made will be painful...

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Feb 11 2014

So... no lady-penned paperbacks?


These "Wiry Limbs, Paper Backs" book sculptures by artist Terry Border are all over the internet, and justifiably so: they're awesome. I find some of his work considerably less charming...

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Jan 16 2014

A little gift for me


I recently saw this title in the children's section of a local bookstore: Ballad, by French comic artist and illustrator Blexbolex. The book is both absolutely gorgeous (the quality of this image doesn't do it justice, trust me—the actual colors are much darker and richer) and weird as hell...

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Jan 9 2014

360-degree books


These paper books created by Japanese graphic designer and architect Yusuke Oono are spectacular. According to the "Art and Visual Culture" blog This is Colossal, the artist...

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Dec 23 2013

My birthday is coming up.


With the exception of our Weekly Book Giveaway pick, we are taking the two weeks off between December 23rd and January 1st, but this is too magical not to share: the Creative Action Network has partnered with the Harvard Bookstore to offer a series of beautiful artist-designed classic book editions that can be printed on demand...

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Dec 5 2013

Holiday Gift Guide: Literary posters


Gift Idea #5: Jane Austen posters by PemberleyPond

I have some quibbles: These ladies got Sir William Lucas's name wrong on their Pride and Prejudice poster...

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Nov 6 2013

Visual punch


Etsy artist Evan Robertson's shop Obvious State features original illustrations, posters, fine art prints, and more, inspired by the work of classic writers ranging from Oscar Wilde to Sylvia Plath...

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Sep 24 2013

Impractical storage


Most of me really likes this bookshelf, but even I have to admit it looks like the least-efficient book storage unit on the planet. The artist (Matt Innes) describes it as a "personal typographic bookshelf sized to fit just those books you go back to time & again", but I'm pretty sure that's just a fancy way of saying "ONLY FOR SHOW"...

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Sep 5 2013

Books in stripe form


British artist Jaz Parkinson has created twelve "rainbow charts" for Smithsonian Magazine, each inspired by a different book or play. The colors are determined by tallying the number of times the text "mentions or evokes" (the "evokes" bit is kind of hazy) a specific hue...

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Aug 22 2013

Needle-felted awesomeness


If you have any small children (or classic literature nerds) in your life, Urban Outfitters is currently offering all three titles in the "Cozy Classics" series for $4.99 apiece. The books feature a single but aptly-chosen word per page and amazing needle-felted illustrations inspired by...

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Jul 9 2013

Still not April Fool's Day


Good LORD. There's a 12-foot tall statue of Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy floating in a lake in London. I can't decide if I'm terrified (this is not a particularly realistic representation, guys) or if I think that miniature versions should be sold as home decor options for personal swimming pools...

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Jun 20 2013

Mystery book artist strikes again (with awesomeness)


According to the website Books on Books, Edinburgh's "mystery book artist" has delivered another work. This time the lucky recipient was the Leith Library. The sculpture is in the shape of a nest full of baby birds, and...

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Jun 12 2013

I treasure these.


Behold these "honest" re-worked posters for Disney's fairytale movies, found on The photoshopping could use some work, but the results are glorious. I'd hang both the Beauty and the Beast one and the Little Mermaid one on my wall*...

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May 23 2013

This will terrify small children.


Northlake Public Library near Chicago is hoping to spruce up its interior with this charming (and nine feet tall) objet d'art: a massive Incredible Hulk statue. They're using crowd-sourcing to fund the project, as well as raising money for additional graphic novels and a "creation station"...

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May 16 2013

Is it three-dimensional, though?


I have no use for this utterly awesome mobile based on the art work of Belgian children's author and illustrator Tom Schamp, but I want one. (Maybe hanging mobiles above adults' beds will become a hot design trend...?) I also want more of Schamp's books to be translated into English...

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Apr 29 2013

It's a more successful combination than you'd think.


All too frequently, the Internet is a cruel and judgmental place that provides an anonymous forum for humans to display their creepiest selves. Thankfully, the Internet is also an unending source of marvelously weird and specific gifts, like these pictures of Disney Princesses re-imagined as sloths...

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Apr 11 2013

Minimalism at its best


I'm not sure if this book cover mock-up of a new edition of George Orwell's 1984 from the Austrian graphic design group Adronauts is a real thing, or just an art project/contest submission. Either way, I love it...

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Apr 9 2013

Widescreen worthy


Architectural Digest recently posted an article and slideshow about the lavish constructed for Baz Luhrmann's upcoming adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby. I have my doubts about this movie—I'm pretty sure it's going to be insane, although possibly in a good way...

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Apr 2 2013

Austen-inspired arts and crafts


The design-and-print-your-own-fabric website Spoonflower is asking readers to submit and vote on fabric patterns "inspired by the idea of what life would be like in a Jane Austen novel". Some of them are pretty creepy-looking (and several have nothing to do with Austen), but I liked at least ten of them enough to vote for them...

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Apr 1 2013



I've been staring in appalled fascination at the website Scarfolk, which seems to the project of graphic designer Richard Littler. The blog is devoted to the ephemera of an imaginary—and impossible—town...

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Feb 7 2013

Shopping (for myself)


I've decided to request one of these gender-swapped fairy tale prints from artist Yudi Chen for Valentine's Day. Pretty adorable, huh? I'm leaning towards the "Tarzana and John" one...

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Jan 10 2013

Want to buy a piece of history?


A collection of rare illustrations by Maurice Sendak, Dr. Seuss, Beatrix Potter, Charles Addams, Ludwig Bemelmans, and Charles Schulz is about to go up for auction via the Swann Galleries in New York. The works include a first edition of Sendak's first book, Where the Wild Things Are, "signed and inscribed with a drawing", and the original ink drawing done by Garth Williams for the dust jacket cover for Laura Ingalls Wilder's Little House on the Prairie...

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Nov 13 2012

Children's books, condensed


I love, love, love these minimalist children's book-art posters from graphic designer Christian Jackson. I originally ran into them at The Land of Nod, where they will run you about a hundred bucks (framed)...

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Aug 28 2012

Book art in 3-D


Check these very cool three-dimensional book sculptures from Oklahoma-based artist Kelly Campbell Berry. Campbell Berry maintains an Etsy shop, which means you could easily buy a piece of her surprisingly affordable (read: under $200) work...

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Aug 22 2012

Oversized and inexpensive


Urban Outfitters is offering free shipping through tomorrow, which, if you're in the market for some literary wall-art, might make now an excellent time to check out their sale section...

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Jun 29 2012

Literary artwork at the best possible price


I'm totally in love with Mr., a website devoted to free printable art for kids. (I'm not part of the target audience, but nobody loves a good coloring sheet more than I do.) Anyway, the site includes...

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Jun 19 2012

Aiming for adorable


And speaking of art(ish stuff), here's a free font inspired by A.A. Milne's Winnie-the-Pooh. According to How About Orange, the font, called "Winnie the Hoop", is the debut release of Finnish graphic designer Teo Tuominen, and "Using this font to communicate a sad or grave message is not recommended"...

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