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Nov 8 2016



Check out the spectacular Instagram of Sabeena Karnik, an artist who uses paper art to make beautiful typography. (Her work is featured on the book cover at left, too.) All of her letters are gorgeous, but I...

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Oct 25 2016

Still expensive, though


Swiss-Miss recently introduced me to Depero Futurista, or "The Bolted Book", a 1927 work by the Italian Futurist Fortunato Depero. The book, which has long been unavailable, is described as "[a collection of] bold typographic experimentation, daring layouts, and featuring work in nearly every artistic and design medium". With the help of...

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Oct 11 2016

Get famous


According the Folio Society's blog, they recently announced the subject of their 2017 Book Illustration Competition: they are looking for someone to illustrate Jane Austen's Mansfield Park...

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Jun 28 2016



If I didn't have boring grown-up expenses like a mortgage and a car payment, I would absolutely shell out $3000 for one of these Dr. Seuss "Unorthodox Taxidermy" statues...

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May 3 2016



Okay, I really, really want this $14 notebook from the Whitney Museum gift shop, but why is it so tiny? What if the list of people I'd like to punch in the face is long? And why is it unlined? What if...

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Apr 26 2016

Surprisingly elegant


According to the website Disney Style, Neff Headwear has partnered with Disney on a Pinocchio-themed collection of "classic surf tees and Hawaiian shirts, as well as... snapback and boonie [hats]." I have no idea what boonie hats are, and I find the Pinocchio story to be creepy as hell, but...

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Apr 12 2016

Maybe one more


Okay, the adult coloring book market has gone from over-saturated to revoltingly soggy, but this is so, so gorgeous: Vogue has released Vogue Colors A to Z, a coloring book featuring "a Jazz Age–inspired alphabet, as well as 26 iconic Vogue covers from 1912 to 1932." The images...

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Mar 30 2016

It would also make an excellent gift... for me.


I recently ran across artist Kristjana S. Williams's The Wonder Garden: Wander through 5 habitats to discover 80 amazing animals. Much like this, this, and...

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Feb 3 2016

It's cute, I guess.


Dramafever informs me that Warner Bros. has recently given Animate (Japan's largest retailer of anime, games, and manga) the exclusive rights to produce a wide range of anime-style Harry Potter merchandise...

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Dec 22 2015



I'm totally in love with this Random Illustrated Facts Instagram, featuring artwork by children's illustrator Mike Lowery. (I already knew that thing about the national animal of Scotland being the unicorn, though, and it has always upset me. I mean, if...

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Dec 3 2015

Holiday Gift Guide Idea #8: Any of the literary posters at Pop Chart Lab


Gift Idea #8: Pop Chart Lab's extremely detailed literature-themed posters ($29)...

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Dec 1 2015

Holiday Gift Guide Idea #1: Harry Potter artwork


Dear readers, it is once again time for the Wordcandy Holiday Gift Guide. As usual, we're running late, but (also as usual) we've found some awesome stuff.

Gift Idea #1: Harry Potter artwork from MinaLima (Prices vary, but are all high)...

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Sep 23 2015

At least release the music


According to THR, the Park Avenue Armory recently featured a week-long "visual art, electro-pop, and contemporary dance" program called Tree of Codes, inspired by Jonathan Safran Foer's novel of the same name...

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Sep 17 2015



There's a site up for Scholastic's upcoming illustrated edition of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, featuring over 100 illustrations by Jim Kay. If the nine "Special Preview" images featured on the site are a good representative sample, this book might actually be worth the jaw-dropping $39.99 cover price...

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Aug 20 2015

One of many


This November will be the 150th anniversary of the publication of Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, and publishers are looking to mark the occasion with some truly gorgeous new editions. As an Alice mega-nerd, I'm particularly excited about this...

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Jun 10 2015

No, thanks.


In a leave-no-stone-unturned effort to extract every possible penny from the George R. R. Martin media empire, Bantam Books recently announced that they're planning a Game of Thrones-themed coloring book. While I've written before about my love for coloring books for adults, I'll be skipping this sucker...

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May 20 2015

Sixty-odd years and counting


NPR recently posted a lovely interview with writer, artist, and illustrator Jules Feiffer, who, at age 86, is still going strong. His work is the subject of a new book (Out of Line: The Art of Jules Feiffer), which...

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Apr 14 2015

I'm already sharpening my crayons.


Last week I wrote a brief piece about the charm of Johanna Basford's coloring books for adults, and now the Internet has introduced me to her books' cooler, more urban cousin: artist Steve McDonald's upcoming book Fantastic Cities, which features...

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Apr 2 2015

So soothing...


NPR recently interviewed Johanna Basford, the illustrator of two extremely successful coloring books for adults. (A note of clarification: I mean "for adults" as in "for grown-ups", by the way, not... y'know, adult coloring books. Although those might be big sellers, too.) Ms. Basford talks about...

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Mar 30 2015

Weekly Book Giveaway: The Truth Commission, by Susan Juby


This week's Book Giveaway pick is Susan Juby's upcoming novel The Truth Commission. (Please note: we don't ship unreleased books until their official publication date, which in this case is April 14th.) Juby doesn't write a ton of books, but when she does they're awesome, so we're super excited about this release. A full review will follow later today...

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Mar 26 2015

90% amazing, 10% creepy


io9 just posted several examples of the unbelievably detailed interior artwork from this upcoming 50th anniversary deluxe edition of Frank Herbert's Dune. The art—by Sam Weber—is incredible (and that image of Baron Harkonnen is going to haunt my dreams), but...

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Mar 10 2015



Okay, I'm in love: I like all the alphabet posters created by FiftyFiveHi's (particularly the ones inspired by the collection at the American Museum of Natural History), but I absolutely need to own this Mythical Creatures Alphabet Poster...

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Mar 4 2015

A worthy sacrifice


The always-awesome site ThisIsColossal recently featured two book-related art projects: one about books and magazines being transformed into crystallized sculptures by San Francisco-based artist Alexis Arnold, and one about South African artist Barbara Wildenboer...

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Feb 10 2015

Shelvable furniture


I like the idea of "multi-fuctional, highly portable" furniture, but I'm pretty sure the very first thing I would do if I bought some Bookniture is spill tea into its delicate paper innards...

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Feb 5 2015



Apartment Therapy recently posted a round-up of 10 "beautiful, bizarre, wonderful" designer bookcases. Only a few of them seem, y'know, actually functional, but they all look pretty cool...

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Nov 20 2014

Surrealism, food, and sex: a recipe guide


The Huffington Post recently featured a fascinating description of Les Diners de Gala, Salvador Dali's 1973 "erotic cookbook". I can think of few artists whose vision I find less erotic than Dali's, but maybe food was his one true medium? I sincerely love the cover, although...

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Nov 11 2014

I hope he gets LOADS of wine.


The internet was recently blessed with a great single-page comic titled "Hero in Action: Bottle of Wine", written and illustrated by artist Russ Heath...

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Aug 18 2014

The Vigilante Poets of Selwyn Academy, by Kate Hattemer


Kate Hattemer's The Vigilante Poets of Selwyn Academy is the kind of challenging, dialogue-driven teen drama I would have absolutely devoured as a kid. Sadly, I read it as an adult, which left me with a somewhat different reaction...

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Jul 15 2014

Jane Austen in wax


Speaking of Jane Austen, the Jane Austen Centre at Bath recently unveiled a wax figure of Jane Austen, created by sculptor Mark Richards and inspired by Melissa Dring’s forensic painting of Austen. I'm always terrified by wax sculptures...

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Jul 2 2014

Questionable, but mostly pretty fun.


As of yesterday, visitors to London can relax on one of the 50 "BookBench" sculptures. Designed by local artists, the unique benches are meant to "celebrate London’s literary heritage and reading for enjoyment". Frankly, I find the art on these suckers... well, variable in quality...

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