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Jun 19 2012



Oooh, Kate Beaton (author of Hark! A Vagrant, which we reviewed recently) has illustrated a magazine cover for The Walrus...

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Jun 12 2012

Gorgeous, if a touch creepy


Okay, this dude's altered book sculptures are straight-up amazing. I have no idea how much they cost, but I suspect it's one of those "If you have to ask, you probably can't afford it" situations.

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Jun 11 2012

65% weird, 35% awesome


The online design community Imprint recently posted an article about a "typographical experiment" called Page 1: Great Expectations. Each page of Page 1 is devoted to the work of a different graphic designer, but they all feature the same text: the first page of Charles Dickens's Great Expectations...

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May 25 2012

Useful, adorable, and free


The website How About Orange has been on a bibliophile-friendly kick recently, posting links and how-to tips on a variety of book-related topics...

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May 3 2012

Safety second


As the daughter of a geotechnical engineer, I've been raised to think about earthquake safety, and I don't think the various structures featured on this slideshow of buildings made from books would pass muster... but they're still incredibly cool.

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Apr 10 2012

Less is more


I love these: artist Rowan Stocks-Moore has created new, elegantly stripped-down posters for several of Disney's fairytale adaptations, including this absolutely awesome-looking image for Peter Pan. You can see a slideshow of his efforts over on Flavorwire, or check out his Etsy shop, where his prints are available for a mere $20 apiece.

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Jan 5 2012

Designer assistance with your 2012 resolutions

If you're looking for help with your New Year's resolutions, the To Resolve Project offers a collection of downloadable designer wallpapers—including Matt McCraken's utterly awesome "Read More" de...

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Dec 12 2011

A worthy sacrifice

The always-entertaining design blog Swiss-Miss recently introduced me to Isaac G. Salazar's "Book of Art" pieces. Behold:Pretty amazing, huh? Being me, I immediately wondered how you could dust ...

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Nov 29 2011

Revisiting Firefly

If you're a big Joss Whedon fan, you should save some wall space for these awesome (and totally affordable) vintage-travel-style posters designed by Adam Levermore-Rich and inspired by Whedon's sh...

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Nov 15 2011

A story in stuff

Speaking of NPR, they recently posted an enthusiastic review of Caroline Preston's The Scrapbook of Frankie Pratt, a novel told via a scrapbook-style collection of vintage memorabilia. (The revie...

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Nov 10 2011

So gross

Um... Apparently, this is a real thing.

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Nov 7 2011

That's some very, very tiny font.

I'm totally delighted by the images from PosterText, a company that designs posters featuring the contents of various classic novels*, artistically arranged to depict an important scene or element...

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Oct 4 2011

Just over $4.50 per page

If money is no object when it comes to books for your coffee table, check out The Impossible Collection of Fashion. This 144-page-long book is priced at a jaw-dropping $650, and features one hund...

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Sep 19 2011

At long last

It took over a decade and cost millions of dollars, but a hand-lettered and hand-drawn complete edition of the Saint John's Bible has finally been completed, and pages from the finished work will ...

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Sep 6 2011

Patience (but not much of it) required

I love this idea: Abe's Peanut is a literary and art publication aimed at seven to eleven-year-olds. The publishers print original children's stories on artist-designed postcards. The cards are m...

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Jul 27 2011

Fairytale pop art

I was going to write a blog post about Anne Rice's upcoming werewolf book, but like I said: I totally don't care about Anne Rice. So let's look at these Disney Underground prints inspired by the ...

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Jul 5 2011

Travel to faraway places...

I want these (particularly the Hogwarts one):Maybe not to the extent of selling a kidney, but seriously close.[Via io9]

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May 2 2011

Doodling for a better planet

Publishers Weekly has an article up about the authors and illustrators involved in May 12th's National Doodle Day. Daniel Pinkwater, Neil Gaiman, Eric Carle, Mo Willems, and Jon Scizezka are amon...

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Mar 31 2011

A thorough knowledge of drawing

AustenBlog is giving their readers a heads-up about another Jane Austen-related contest: there's going to be an art competition focused on Stoneleigh Abbey, an English estate that belonged to Aust...

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Dec 13 2010

Travel in style to fictional locations

Okay, I'm adding an addendum to our Holiday Gift List. Check out these "Comic Travel Location" posters from artist Justin Van Genderen:Are they not awesome? There are more on Mr. Van Genderen's ...

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Dec 9 2010

$30 of pure cuteness

Well, I've decided what I want for Christmas:In addition to being totally adorable, 15% of the gross sale of this "Alice" print by artist Katie Kirk goes to benefit the Mr. Holland's Opus Foundation.

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Oct 26 2010

Smelly and useful

Behold, dear readers, ice cream-shaped and -scented bookmarks, available at ShanaLogic:I don't know about that $27 price tag, but the idea is... well, cute-adjacent.

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Sep 9 2010

Safety first

Check out this owl-shaped bookend from Etsy artist Aprilfoss:Pretty cute, huh? And, at $26, relatively affordable. Aprilfoss's owls come in a wide variety of colors and fabrics, and each one sho...

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Sep 8 2010

From one creepy extreme to another

These oddly melancholy images of obese Disney princesses are popping up all over the Internet. (They're drawn by Aly Bellissimo, the artist behind the questionably-SFW Creepy Miranda blog.) I wa...

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Aug 16 2010

Embroidering Mr. Darcy

Artistically-inclined Jane Austen fans take note: you can buy a PDF version of this Mr. Darcy cross-stitch pattern from Etsy artist thetimeisnow for a mere $7.00. The pattern is printable, in col...

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Jul 20 2010

Manga for the rich and famous

Huh. If you're artistically inclined, this might be worth investigating: according to AnimeNewsNetwork, the Italian fashion label Prada has announced a Manga-themed contest in celebration of its ...

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Jun 15 2010

A happy combination

If you're interested in Janet Evanovich's upcoming graphic novel Troublemaker (a continuation of her Alex Barnaby series), you should check out the—mildly NSFW!—Etsy Shop of Joëlle Jones, the illu...

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May 27 2010

So unfair. So very, very unfair.

WHAT IS THIS NONSENSE?As y'all know, I HATED the recent five-issue Marvel comic adaptation of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice. So when I saw their next Austen-inspired project (an adaptation of...

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Apr 7 2010

Out and about

If any of our beloved readers are going to be within traveling distance of Olympia, WA on April 23rd and 24th, make sure to check out the Olympia Arts Walk. Not only is it a consistently awesome ...

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Jan 4 2010

Comic Book Design, by Gary Spencer Millidge


Gary Spencer Millidge's Comic Book Design offers readers a colorful and informative tour of the behind-the-scenes work that goes into the creation and promotion of comic books. He delves into cons...

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