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Jun 2 2009

At long last...

Gakuen Alice fans take note: according to AnimeNewsNetwork, Amazon's Canadian site has listed an upcoming Tokyopop release of Tachibana Higuchi's earlier work, M to N no Shouzou ("Portrait of M an...

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Apr 23 2009

Part six (of three)

Speaking of cover art, I was poking around on the computer last night, and I found what might–or might not–be the cover for Eoin Colfer's And Another Thing..., the upcoming continuation of Douglas...

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Apr 22 2009

A new Diana Wynne Jones novel for 2009?

AWESOME. Ms. Jones's official website says that readers can expect a brand-spanking new Diana Wynne Jones novel in 2009. The story will be called Enchanted Glass. The site describes it as a "stand...

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Apr 21 2009

New Lisa Kleypas sneak peek

For those of you reading Lisa Kleypas's excellent "Hathaways" series, she's posted a sneak peek of the next installment, Tempt Me at Twilight. Still no American cover art*, but I'm interested to s...

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Apr 16 2009

It's out!

Well. Sort of. I went to my local Borders last night, and what to my wondering eyes should appear but this:After purchasing the book and safely stowing it in the depths of my bag (because I certai...

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Apr 14 2009

Takahashi title announced!

The Japanese manga magazine Shonen Sunday has revealed the title of the latest manga from Rumiko Takahashi: Kyōkai no Rinne. The story (lit. "The Boundary of Rinne") will center on Sakura Mamiya, ...

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Apr 13 2009

More from Vonnegut

The AP Wire is reporting that Delacorte Press will be publishing a posthumous collection of short stories by Kurt Vonnegut. The book, entitled Look at the Birdie, contains 14 stories by the author...

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Apr 2 2009

Have they failed to notice that we are collectively broke?

Brace yourselves, fantasy fans, because the fine people at Tor Books have decided to split the late Robert Jordan's final work into three pieces.The three releases combined make up A Memory of Lig...

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Mar 18 2009

At last!

Yen Press has announced the release dates for the next three(!!!) volumes of Yotsuba&!: volume six comes out in September, volume seven in December, and volume eight in April of next year! Of cour...

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Mar 16 2009

Oh, Lifetime, you crazy kids...

First of all, I have to apologize for the lack of updates last week. Nathan and I both came down with the colds from Hell (actually, we still have them), and Megan was off on vacation, so there wa...

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Mar 2 2009

Kleypas news

There's a title and release date out for the next book in Lisa Kleypas's Hathaways series: according to Amazon, Tempt Me at Twilight will be out on September 29th. We're still waiting on the cove...

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Feb 18 2009

Downward Spiral

Please, movie gods, tell me this is a joke:Elton John's Rocket Pictures hopes to make the first Jane Austen adaptation to which men will drag their girlfriends.Will Clark is set to direct "Pride a...

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Feb 12 2009

The Hunger Games sequel gets an update

There's fresh news about the sequel to Suzanne Collins's The Hunger Games. Previously, the book was listed under the name 12, and was scheduled to be released in early May. Unfortunately, that's a...

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Jan 28 2009

Little Witches on the Prarie

And Patricia Wrede has a new book coming out, too! It's called Thirteenth Child, and it looks awesome-it's supposed to be a re-imagining of the settling of the American West, but with magic and st...

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Jan 28 2009

Dan Simmons remains awesome.

Dan Simmons (who is God's gift to sci-fi/fantasy fans, seriously) is taking on Charles Dickens:Here's the publisher's synopsis:On June 9, 1865, while traveling by train to London with his secret m...

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Dec 17 2008

At long last...

...the sequel to Cynthia Leitich Smith's excellent (and totally gross) YA novel Tantalize is coming out! Eternal is due out on February 10th, and Ms. Smith is currently featuring an excerpt and a ...

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Nov 18 2008

New stuff from Susan Elizabeth Phillips coming down the pike

Wordcandy staff member Megan was sick yesterday, so in honor of her (hopefully brisk) recovery, we're doing a post about her favorite romance novelist, Susan Elizabeth Phillips. Ms. Phillips has T...

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Oct 29 2008

At long last: Sisters Grimm news

I know Michael Buckley is probably hard at work on that Sisters Grimm movie, and I hate to whine about a mere one-year waiting period between books (okay, that's a total lie), but I really wish th...

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Sep 17 2008

Susan Juby takes on a new genre.

Man, September 30th is going to be an v. expensive day. In addition to must-buy books (for me, anyway) by Lisa Kleypas and Tomoko Hayakawa, perennial Wordcandy favorite Susan Juby has a new book ...

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Aug 22 2008


BoingBoing is featuring a sneak peek at an abridged glossary of neologisms from Neal Stephenson's upcoming book Anathem. Seriously, does Stephenson want his readers to die of old age before fini...

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Jul 10 2008


Last month Yulianka noted some signs of life from Jennifer Cruise, including the first chapter of her next collaborative novel, Dogs and Goddesses."Once upon a time, three writers decided to do a ...

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Jun 6 2008

Signs of life

I am a wee bit late to this, but Jenny Crusie recently posted* the first chapter of Dogs and Goddesses, her upcoming collaboration with Anne Stuart and Lani Diane Rich, and I am happy to inform yo...

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May 30 2008

Julia Quinn picks up the pace

Speaking of Ms. Quinn...I am not a huge Julia Quinn fan--her books are pleasant, but rarely memorable--but I found myself unusually interested in the secondary couple in her just-released The Los...

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May 21 2008

Lisa Kleypas to spice up the fall book season...

...with not one but two(!!!) new historicals, and it looks like A Wallflower Christmas will be coming out in HARDCOVER:(I'd be even more excited about this if the book didn't cost $16.99, which te...

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Feb 18 2008

Suzanne Collins's new book

I was bitterly disappointed by the final book in Suzanne Collins's Underland Chronicles (I mean, it's one thing to have an ambiguous ending, but Gregor and the Code of Claw didn't even make sense....

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Jan 16 2008

A love triangle involving only two bodies?

In a word: Bleh. I don't even like normal love triangles, and a two-bodies/three-souls one sounds more irritating than most.It's no secret that I'm not a fan of Stephenie Meyer's Twilight books, a...

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Jan 15 2008

Go Fug Yourself goes literary.

Y'know, I'm just not sure about this:I appreciate that the Fug Girls need and totally deserve to be paid for their work, but... a book? Nobody loves the Go Fug Yourself blog more than I do. I read...

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Jan 14 2008

Philip Pullman continues to milk the His Dark Materials cash cow.

Here's the cover art for Philip Pullman's upcoming Once Upon a Time in the North:Very... dignified-looking. Once Upon a Time in the North is a prequel to the His Dark Materials trilogy, and focuse...

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Dec 12 2007

Wordcandy Summer Trailers Presents: Chronicle Books

Publishers' Spring/Summer catalogs are beginning to roll in, and there's some seriously awesome stuff coming down the pike. We were particularly interested in the artsy, funky, elegantly present...

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Oct 3 2007

Something to look forward to...

Two of our favorite Wordcandy YA authors have new books scheduled for the spring:Peter Abrahams has announced that the third book in his excellent Echo Falls mystery series will be called Into the...

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