A new Diana Wynne Jones novel for 2009?


Ms. Jones's official website says that readers can expect a brand-spanking new Diana Wynne Jones novel in 2009. The story will be called Enchanted Glass. The site describes it as a "stand-alone book... [that] includes giant vegetables, revenge by cauliflower cheese, and fortune-telling using racing tips", and I found a little more about it here (but always take really early plot info with a sizable grain of salt).

I can't wait! Enchanted Glass will be published by HarperCollins in the UK and Greenwillow in the United States. As I can't find a definite release date for it yet, I'm assuming we're talking late in 2009, but whatever: I'll take what I can get.

Note: Hopefully that cover art is a work in progress, because I'm not loving it.
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