New stuff from Susan Elizabeth Phillips coming down the pike

Wordcandy staff member Megan was sick yesterday, so in honor of her (hopefully brisk) recovery, we're doing a post about her favorite romance novelist, Susan Elizabeth Phillips.

Ms. Phillips has TWO books coming out in January: a paperback reissue of her long-out-of-print first contemporary romance Glitter Baby, and a hardcover called What I Do For Love. And while I am, at best, a lukewarm Susan Elizabeth Phillips fan (some of her sex scenes are downright creepy), the summary of What I Do For Love appeals to me... although it might be referencing the whole Angelina Jolie/Brad Pitt/Jennifer Aniston thing—the heroine, an actress, gets dumped by her movie star husband, who leaves her for an "international do-gooder". If that's the case, count me out.

Anyway, Ms. Phillip's website is offering a sneak peek of Glitter Baby, and an audio file of the author reading aloud from the beginning of What I Did For Love. Enjoy, Meggie!
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