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Nov 8 2010

Not bad, not bad at all.

Susan Elizabeth Phillips is apparently planning on giving away several advance-reader copies of her upcoming book Call Me Irresistible over the next few months, so if you're a fan of hers you migh...

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Nov 18 2008

New stuff from Susan Elizabeth Phillips coming down the pike

Wordcandy staff member Megan was sick yesterday, so in honor of her (hopefully brisk) recovery, we're doing a post about her favorite romance novelist, Susan Elizabeth Phillips. Ms. Phillips has T...

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Feb 15 2007

So wrong!

I went to pick up Natural Born Charmer by Susan Elizabeth Phillips this week and boy, was I wrong about the background color on this cover art! On my computer screen it's this really warm salmon/...

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Jan 23 2007

Finally, covers I like!

I know that a lot of my posts tend to be about cover art that I hate. It's not that I don't find covers that I like, it's that when I see covers that are unbelievably bad or embarrassing I feel l...

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Jan 22 2007

Chin up.

According to my mother, who saw it on the news, today is supposed to be the gloomiest day of the year. The weather tends to be bad, Christmas bills are due, and most people have broken their New ...

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Oct 23 2006

Match Me if You Can

I finally got around to reading Match Me if You Can, by Susan Elizabeth Phillips (it took a while, but midterms have put a major crimp on my reading time). This book reminded me of why I love Ms....

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Apr 13 2006

Guilty Pleasures

No, this post is not another Laurell K. Hamilton bashing post (although after her last book it really should be--it sucked, Laurell!). Today we are talking about those books that you love in spit...

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Aug 11 2004

Susan Elizabeth Phillips

Like the books of Judith McNaught, the plots of Susan Elizabeth Phillips's books all-too-frequently hinge on some (at best) very questionable sex. Unlike Judith McNaught (who honestly doesn't see...

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