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Oct 17 2007


What is this?While I've never been a fan of Christine Feehan's novels, I'm intrigued by this "re-imagining" of one of her short stories as a manga. Ms. Feehan has always struck me as a mediocre w...

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Sep 25 2007

Manga releases galore

I’ve been having some irritating manga experiences lately, so I'm happy to see that there will be volumes of all three of my favorite mangas coming out in the next few weeks:1. Volume 13 of The W...

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Aug 15 2007

On the hunt

I'm thinking of picking up the first few volumes of Viz's Yakitate!! Japan (story and art by Takashi Hashigushi). A pun-filled cooking comedy about a young man with "otherworldly baking powers"? ...

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Jul 27 2007

*anime-style spinning eyes*

TOKYOPOP has their new website up, and it's totally overwhelming. I hate to say it, because I'm sure their web developers worked really, really hard, but any website that has to feature a huge "H...

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Jul 2 2007

Lovely Complex

Viz Media is set to release their translation of the first volume of the shojo comic Lovely Complex tomorrow (they've retitled it Love*Com). Lovely Complex is an exceptionally cute odd-couple lo...

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Jun 18 2007

Gakuen Alice

We were excited to hear that Gakuen Alice, one of the darkest kid mangas on the planet, has finally been licensed. is reporting that Tokyopop will be releasing the first volume of G...

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Jun 12 2007


And this is why I can't stand the Korean manhwa publisher ICE Kunion: not only have they been blithely promising us the second volume of Goong for MONTHS, now they're screwing us over on volumes o...

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May 28 2007

Manga babes in stars-and-stripes bikinis?

Here's an interesting article about the U.S. Navy using manga to explain its presence to the Japanese people. Er... I'm having some trouble imagining how a storyline could be built around this co...

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May 7 2007

Zombie titles lurch back to life

While it doesn't compare to our excitement over the upcoming Yotsuba&! volume, we're happy to see that CPM is finally, finally releasing volume four of Full House*. This is a very entertaining ti...

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Apr 10 2007

Manga on the cheap.

We always encourage people to buy manga through their local comic book stores (who could almost certainly use the money), but if you're doing all your manga shopping at Borders or Barnes and Noble...

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Mar 26 2007

One last piece of manga news...

I just found out that the new Viz title The Gentlemen's Alliance is the English-language edit of the book irc users know as Shinshi Doumei Cross. Hopefully the professional version of this story ...

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Mar 22 2007

Boys on bikes

AZN Television has started airing episodes of the Taiwanese drama Mars, based on Fuyumi Soryo's mega-soapy manga series. Here's the official plot description*:"Asia's most popular group F4's Vic...

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Mar 22 2007


I am delighted to report that there are rumors that the English-language release of Yotsuba&! volumes 4 and 5 are going to be out in late June and early October, respectively. I wouldn't put too ...

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Feb 8 2007

Valentine's Day options

Valentine's Day is nearly upon us, and, as always, the Wordcandy staff is on the lookout for appropriate holiday reading. We understand that this is a holiday that evokes a wide array of emotion...

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Feb 7 2007


I have tried to ignore this story, but I can't escape it. I am sorry to report that Del Rey is going to release a manga in conjunction with the dread Avril Lavigne. You can read the press releas...

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Feb 6 2007

Manga review

Brigid at MangaBlog has an interesting, largely positive review up of two interconnected manga volumes from the UK's Sweatdrop Studios: Blue is for Boys and Pink is for Girls. Both books feature ...

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Feb 2 2007

Odds and ends.

A few reactions, some Harry Potter bits, and another anime/manga rec:1. I have now seen the first episode of the the Wallflower anime, and yes, the artwork is awful. (Plus, they chose a disturbi...

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Jan 31 2007

The Wallflower anime

Thanks to Wordcandy reader Kayleigh, I am now aware of the existence of the anime version of Tomoko Hayakawa's Wallflower series (Japanese title: Yamato Nadeshiko Shichihenge). This is one of my ...

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Jan 24 2007

Manhwa for the masses

I'm currently enjoying two very similar manhwa titles: Sun Hee Lee's Neck and Neck (released through TokyoPop), and YunHee Lee's Angel Diary, from Ice Kunion. I think Ice Kunion is doing a slig...

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Dec 30 2006

...but why are they still in high school?

Viz Media is releasing the first volume of Vampire Knight, Matsuri Hino's beautiful, profoundly silly shojo manga about a high school that caters to both human and vampire students. (Seriously--w...

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Dec 28 2006


Sorry about the scarcity of postage around here. We're located in the Northwest, so first our power was out, and then our server is in Taiwan, so the recent earthquake there screwed things up eve...

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Dec 1 2006

Well, here's the cover for volume five.

I really don't want to have to try to translate Yotsuba&! volume five myself. My two semesters of college Japanese didn't exactly leave me fluent (although they did leave me speaking my equally b...

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Nov 23 2006


Behold, the Avalon High sequel:And yes: it is a MANGA. WORLDS COLLIDE, PEOPLE!Happy Thanksgiving!

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Oct 11 2006

Host Club

Nathan and I have begun watching the fan-subbed anime version of Bisco Hatori's Ouran High School Host Club. (If you're interested, you can download all 26 magnificently silly episodes at Animes...

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Sep 28 2006

Money burning a hole in your pocket?

Then we suggest that you check out some of these Wordcandy-approved manga titles. Unlike a lot of the manga we recommend, all of these stories are still in their infancy, English-language publicat...

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Sep 24 2006

God bless Jim Henson.

I love the movie Labyrinth. You'd have to be nuts not to, in my opinion. A) It has David Bowie in it, playing a role that would have destroyed the career of any other man, B) it has inspired loa...

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Sep 2 2006

Beauty Pop

I'm happy to announce that Shojo Beat has picked up Kiyoko Arai's very funny manga Beauty Pop, and the first volume is due out on September 5th. Here's the official description:"Although a truly ...

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Jun 29 2006

More Harlequin/Dark Horse

I stopped by the bookstore last night, and considered picking up these charming new releases:Happily for my bank balance, I resisted. So far, all of these Dark Horse/Harlequin manga fusions have b...

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Jun 20 2006

Mail Call!

I don't know about you, but I love getting packages in the mail. There's something about finding out that there's a box in the mail for you... if you are like me and love "real mail" then you sho...

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Jun 14 2006

Mmm, manga.

And mmm, cup o' noodle. Some visionary decided to combine these two, and ended up creating the upcoming manga Project X: Cup Noodle. Here's the official description:"In a time when the Japanese ...

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