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May 24 2006

Odds and ends

Sorry about this post wandering all over the Wordcandy map, people...Eric Schlosser and Charles Wilson have released Chew On This, a kid-friendly book exploring the same territory that Schlosser c...

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May 9 2006

When good manga...

...gets turned into a choose-your-own-romantic-adventure Gameboy Color(TM) game, this is the result:Not that I wouldn't play it. (In a hot minute, people.) Unfortunately, I hear it's a really te...

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Jan 9 2006

So, my birthday's coming up....

I love vintage Harlequin romance novels. I love how magnificently cheeseball they can be, with their lurid covers and hopelessly outdated sexual politics, and I admire how instantly entertaining ...

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Dec 25 2005
Dec 23 2005
Dec 22 2005

Holiday Cheer From Kyohiko Azuma

In honor of our review of Azuma's Yotsuba&!, which just went up over on the main site, we thought we'd post a few holiday-themed strips from Azuma's earlier (and equally awesome) series, Azumanga ...

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