And this is why I can't stand the Korean manhwa publisher ICE Kunion: not only have they been blithely promising us the second volume of Goong for MONTHS, now they're screwing us over on volumes of Angel Diary, too. I love Angel Diary--it's funny, bizarre, and romantic--and it's infuriating to find that volume six, which was supposed to be out two months ago, will ship in "one to three months"* Look, ICE Kunion: if you can't publish something on time, DON'T BUY THE RIGHTS. It screws over everybody--the readers, who can't enjoy the series, the author, who's left in limbo while their work is withheld from the public, and other publishing groups, who might actually RELEASE the freaking book.


*Something tells me that I shouldn't expect volume seven on its promised release date of June 26, either.
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