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Oct 10 2019

C'mon, guys...


Well, we started off the week praising Macmillan Publishing, but that's officially over: there's an disturbing editorial in the Seattle Times about the effect Macmillan's upcoming e-book embargo will have on public libraries throughout the country...

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Jul 11 2019



And this is why I prefer paper books: Microsoft has announced that they're getting out of the e-book business, and will be deleting every title ever purchased via their store. Customers will get refunds, and even a small credit ($25) for notes that were made in the digital editions, but I don't care...

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Sep 21 2017

Happy Birthday, Stephen King


I am informed that today is Stephen King's birthday. He can celebrate with this news: his novel IT has been holding the #1 slot in the "Fiction and Literature" category of Apple’s iBooks store for a couple of weeks now, presumably due to the success of the recent movie adaptation...

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Jan 10 2017

Financial hijinks


Well, this is hinky. According to Publishers Weekly, the once-popular online e-book retailer AllRomanceEbooks shut down operations at the end of December. Unfortunately, there's a lot of mystery surrounding the whys and wherefores of this shut down...

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Nov 1 2016



At long last, Judith McNaught's classic (read: effective yet heavy-on-the-angst) romance novels are getting e-book editions. According to Dear Author, Simon & Schuster is beginning a digital roll-out of McNaught’s titles, each containing a new introduction written by the author. The first...

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Aug 18 2016

Harder to kill than a zombie


According to the Atlantic, J. K. Rowling's recent announcement that there would be no more Harry Potter stories after Harry Potter and the Cursed Child was by no means an indication that she was done with the Potter 'verse...

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Aug 17 2016

Heyer on the cheap


According to Dear Author, in celebration of Georgette Heyer’s 114th birthday on August 16th, all of Heyer’s books will be dropped to $2.99 across e-retailers...

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Oct 29 2015

Oh, you can afford it.


Sometimes I almost enjoy Apple's sheer nerve. According to Reuters, the tech giant has asked the U.S. Supreme Court to toss an appellate court decision from earlier this year that found Apple conspired with five publishers to artificially jack up e-book prices...

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Oct 14 2015

Where there are re-releases, there's hope.


Jennifer Crusie fans take note: there is now an standalone e-book version of her holiday-themed 2006 novella Hot Toy, which we originally reviewed here. Last summer my hopes were raised when...

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Feb 18 2015

My favorite price!


If you hate-watched (or read) Fifty Shades of Grey recently, you might want to check out The Boss, the first installment in Jenny Trout/ Abigail Barnette's "BDSM-themed erotic romance series". The Boss is currently available as a free e-book, and...

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Dec 11 2014

The better to admire you on the subway with, my dear.


Hmm. It seems the U.K.'s Kobo e-reader service keeps track of both what books people buy, and what books they actually finish. I'm obviously not surprised to learn that people are much better about finishing romance novels than they are high-profile tearjerkers about cancer patients or missing kids, but I am a little taken aback to realize that so many people make...

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Jul 22 2014

I do wish the cover art was better, but...


Rosemary Clement-Moore is one of our favorite YA writers (as indicated here and here). It's been quite a while since her last book, so...

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Jun 5 2014

Clash of the Titans


Anyone who follows book news has probably heard about the e-book pricing feud between Amazon and Hachette. I wouldn't blame you if you'd decided to skim the details (let's face it: "ongoing pricing debate" is not a phrase that catches the eye when the world is full of cat videos), but The Colbert Report helpfully invited Sherman Alexie...

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Dec 6 2013

Holiday Gift Guide: Something to read aloud


Gift Idea #8: The e-book edition of Irene Iddesleigh, by Amanda McKittrick Ros ($3.49)

You're gonna have to bear with me on this one...

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Feb 28 2013

About time


After sales of the Nook e-reader took a 26% dive in the latest quarter, Barnes and Noble announced recently that they're planning to "right size" (read: "shrink") their entire Nook-pushing machine...

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Nov 30 2012

A Christmas gift... that will cost you four dollars.


If, like us, you're a fan of the children's adventure series The 39 Clues, you're in luck: Scholastic is releasing an e-book called The 39 Clues: Cahill Files: Silent Night on Christmas Day. (So... many... hyphens...) The publisher did something similar last season, releasing The 39 Clues: Rapid Fire...

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Nov 8 2012

I am straight-up depressed by this.


The idea of a Goodnight Moon app seems fundamentally wrong to me (it's meant to be a passive literary experience, that's what makes it so soothing), but, as usual, that doesn't mean someone didn't make one...

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Sep 21 2012

It's not how I'd choose to spend my weekend, but...


If you have the time, inclination, or need, you should check out the Moby Dick Big Read, a free online version of Melville’s masterpiece. Each of the book's 135 chapters is to be read aloud (featuring a mixture of famous and unknown readers) and broadcast online in a sequence of 135 publicly accessible downloads...

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Jul 12 2012

Digital storytime


When we first heard about the Reading Rainbow app, details were pretty limited, but now this sucker has hit (virtual) stores. According to CNN, the free app contains 150 books and 16 video field trips, but the "full experience" will cost parents $9.99 per month...

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Apr 12 2012

A tough sell


NPR has posted a helpful article explaining the Justice Department's newly-filed price-fixing suit against Apple Inc. and a large group of publishers, including...

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Jan 23 2012

Growth market

The Pew Internet and American Life Project just released a "mini-report" on the recent upswing in e-reader purchase and usage. According to the report, the number of Americans owning tablets and...

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Oct 18 2011

You win some

Publishers Weekly is reporting that Viz Media is moving closer to near-simultaneous English and Japanese manga publication, although English-language readers will be limited to the digital format....

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Jun 8 2011

Get 'em while they're hot

If you're one of the many conflicted fans of both independent booksellers and e-readers, this is your weekend. Unbridled Books has partnered with the American Booksellers Association to promote t...

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Apr 7 2011

Who knew?

I had no idea these didn't already exist, but The Hollywood Reporter informs me that J.K. Rowling is considering releasing digital versions of the Harry Potter books. Apparently, this is Big News...

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Apr 7 2011

Or you could buy two candy bars instead

Fans of Carrie Ryan's zombie-apocalypse series The Forest of Hands and Teeth take note: Random House released Hare Moon yesterday, an ebook prequel written by Ryan. The story is only available in...

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Feb 8 2011

Holiday contest

In honor of Valentine's Day, romance novelists Lisa Kleypas and Teresa Medeiros are giving away a wi-fi Kindle and a wi-fi Nook. To enter, make sure you're a member (Fan? Follower? Whatever they ...

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Jan 20 2011

What people want to read... when it's free.

TresSugar has provided us with a list of last week's top 10 ten free e-Book downloads, according to Project Gutenberg. I was okay with the fact that I haven't read all ten of these books (particu...

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Dec 29 2010

The end of book-browsing as we know it?

The New York Times posted an article last week about the year-end boom in e-reader sales, which some analysts believe will lead to a huge increase in e-book popularity in 2011. Most of the articl...

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Dec 23 2010

A gift from Scholastic to you...

The fine people at Scholastic have made Alexandra Bullen's YA novel Wish available as a free e-book download. From now until January 3rd, click here to read Wish in its entirety. (You can also p...

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Dec 7 2010

Plus after plus

Finally, some e-book news I'm genuinely excited about: Google has launched an online e-book retail store. Their e-books aren't fancy (no 3-D pictures or dictionary definitions on demand), but the...

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