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Oct 24 2005

Yayoi Ogawa

Yayoi Ogawa is the author of three josei mangas: Kimi ha Pet (English title: Tramps Like Us), Candy Life, and Baby Pop. Ogawa’s distinctive art style and truly bizarre romantic pairings have litt...

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Oct 15 2008

Chris Onstad

Chris Onstad is the creator of Achewood, a webcomic featuring a group of anthropomorphic animals, robots, and stuffed toys, all of whom live and play in the fictional town of Achewood, CA (which i...

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Oct 7 2004

Baroness Orczy

The Hungarian-born novelist Emma Magdalena Rosalia Maria Josefa Orczy is best known as the Baroness Orczy, the author of the Wordcandy classic The Scarlet Pimpernel. Orczy began her career as an ...

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