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Oct 25 2005

Nanaji Nagamu

If you’re in the mood for some classic “Who will this sweet, innocent girl end up with?” shōjo manga, you can’t go wrong with Nanaji Nagamu’s Parfait Tic. While this story has more than its ...

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Oct 25 2005

Hisaya Nakajo

Hisaya Nakajo’s Hana-Kimi (original Japanese title: Hanazakari no Kimitachi E, English title: Hana-Kimi: For You in Full Blossom) is my favorite of the seemingly endless number of stories about a ...

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Jul 21 2008

Karen Neches

Karen Neches (who also writes those Bottom Dollar books under the name "Karin Gillespie") is the author of the supernatural romance/mystery Earthly Pleasures, one of our Featured Books.

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May 26 2006

E. Nesbit

Gore Vidal once wrote, “[Other than Lewis Carroll] E. Nesbit is the best of the English fabulists who wrote about children”, and he blamed her books’ lack of popularity in the United States on lib...

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Jul 5 2006

Marion Nestle

Marion Nestle is a New York-based university professor, and the author of the excellent nonfiction book What To Eat. Filmgoers with strong stomachs will remember her from Supersize Me, where she ...

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Sep 4 2007

Tomoko Ninomiya

Tomoko Ninomiya is the author of the fantastically awesome manga Nodame Cantabile, one of our Featured Book picks. Nodame Cantabile has been turned into a live-action Japanese soap opera and an a...

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Mar 29 2005

Mary Norton

English author Mary Norton was the author of two children's literature classics: the Borrowers series and Bed Knob and Broomstick, which inspired the (...sigh) Disney film of the same name. Norto...

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