Christmas and my birthday, rolled into one

OH MY GOD: We asked for this in 2012, and Nancy Pearl, like a book-nerd fairy godmother, has totally delivered! Yes, dear readers: for the first time in my lifetime, my beloved Greensleeves will actually be available in print. Pearl has teamed up with Amazon to reprint several Book Lust Rediscoveries, and Eloise Jarvis McGraw's 1968 novel will soon be one of them. I cannot tell you how stoked I am about this: I do loan out my copy, but I've been known to make loan-shark-style threats about what will happen if I don't get it back.

Seriously, Ms. Pearl, thank you. We take back at least 60% of our little quibbles with Book Crush... and if you get someone to legitimately reprint Buffalo Brenda we'll take back the rest.
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