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Dec 7 2012

Weekly Book Giveaway: Uglies: Cutters, by Scott Westerfeld


Here's our second Book Giveaway of the week: Uglies: Cutters, which we reviewed here. While entries for last Monday's book (Adele Griffin's All You Never Wanted; review here) are still due by Monday, December 10th, you can submit your entries for Cutters until Wednesday the 12th...

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Dec 6 2012

Uglies: Cutters, by Scott Westerfeld and Devin Grayson


When I reviewed Scott Westerfeld's Uglies: Shay's Story last spring, I wondered if Westerfeld's original series (which had already expanded from a trilogy to a quartet) really merited a graphic novel tie-in. I still have my doubts, frankly, but Shay's Story obviously sold well enough to justify a sequel, because Westerfeld has just released Uglies: Cutters...

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Oct 24 2012

Third time's the charm?


Chris Fedak and Josh Schwartz (the creators of the TV show Chuck) are making the third attempt to turn Scott Westerfeld's Midnighters trilogy into a TV series. This time, Fedak will be the sole writer, with Schwartz producing. According to io9, the project is in the "script commitment" phase...

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May 21 2012

Uglies: Shay's Story, by Scott Westerfeld and Devon Grayson


Uglies: Shay's Story is a graphic novel tie-in to Scott Westerfeld's popular Uglies books. It provides a backstory for Shay, one of the series' more interesting characters, and another trip into Westerfeld's dystopian world. Bored and rebellious, 15-year-old Shay is eagerly awaiting her next birthday and the socially mandated surgery that will transform her into a Pretty—a physically idealized version of herself...

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Jul 31 2007

Could it be...?

Is Scott Westerfeld actually going to give us... closure? Is he feeling feverish? Okay, so our hopes aren't high, but we're happy to see that there's going to be fourth book set in Westerfeld's ...

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