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Feb 4 2019

Devil's Daughter, by Lisa Kleypas


After three mediocre-ranging-to-outright-disappointing installments in her Ravenels series, Lisa Kleypas has made an unexpected return to form. With Devil's Daughter, we are suddenly back to her normal solid work...

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Feb 4 2019

Weekly Book Giveaway: Devil's Daughter, by Lisa Kleypas


Our latest Book Giveaway is Devil's Daughter, the most recent installment in Lisa Kleypas's thus-far-disappointing Ravenels series. Without going into spoiler-y details, I'm happy to say that it is a vast improvement over its predecessors...

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Mar 5 2018

Hello Stranger, by Lisa Kleypas


Hello Stranger, Lisa Kleypas's fourth Ravenels book, has an unexpected virtue: it makes me much fonder of Marrying Winterbourne, the second installment in the series. When I first read Marrying Winterbourne, I complained about...

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Mar 5 2018

Weekly Book Giveaway: Hello Stranger, by Lisa Kleypas


This week's Book Giveaway is Hello Stranger, the fourth book in Lisa Kleypas's Ravenels series. I have been underwhelmed by this series thus far, but I do want to give props to Ms. Kleypas's cover artist for fixing the sleeve situation. A full review will be posted shortly...

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Feb 21 2017

Devil in Spring, by Lisa Kleypas


I have long treasured Lisa Kleypas as one of the world's most consistently entertaining historical romance novelists. Unfortunately, her most recent series is putting a dent in that image, which I find very upsetting. I rely on you, Lisa Kleypas...

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Feb 21 2017

Weekly Book Giveaway: Devil in Spring, by Lisa Kleypas


This week's Book Givewaway is Lisa Kleypas's Devil in Spring, the third book in her Ravenels series and a second-generation sequel to her 2006 novel Devil in Winter. I'm really not feeling that cover art. I've seen a fair amount of Victorian fashion, and I'm pretty sure they weren't big fans of strapless wedding gowns...

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May 31 2016

Marrying Winterborne, by Lisa Kleypas


Lisa Kleypas's Marrying Winterborne is a massive step up from the first book in her Ravenels series, but it still falls short of her best work. It feels like a throwback to the romance novels of my teen years—books that relied on far-fetched, telenovela-style plot twists, rather than more realistic (and, to me, more interesting) interpersonal conflicts...

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May 31 2016

Weekly Book Giveaway: Marrying Winterborne, by Lisa Kleypas


This week's Book Giveaway is Lisa Kleypas's latest historical romance: Marrying Winterborne, the second book in her Ravenels series. The first installment was one of the author's rare missteps, but I'm hoping this one will be better.

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Oct 26 2015

Cold-Hearted Rake, by Lisa Kleypas


Lisa Kleypas's latest historical romance, Cold-Hearted Rake, checks quite a few of my preferred boxes: there's a strong focus on money, a period-appropriate (well, more or less) wariness about sex, and a celebration of family support systems. Unfortunately, the actual romance falls a little flat, but even sub-par Kleypas novels are well worth reading...

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Oct 26 2015

Weekly Book Giveaway: Cold-Hearted Rake, by Lisa Kleypas


This week's Book Giveaway is Lisa Kleypas's newest historical, Cold-Hearted Rake. Judging by that cover art, this is perhaps the least Halloween-appropriate giveaway ever, but if it helps, I will totally be eating candy while I read it. A review will follow shortly...

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Sep 30 2014

Mystery solved


Lisa Kleypas fans take note: Amazon announced that the next novel in her Friday Harbor series, Lightning Bay, would be out on September 1st, but the book has been listed as "Out of Print-Limited Availability" ever since. Sadly, availability is very limited—seeing as Ms. Kleypas hasn't actually written the book...

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Jun 17 2014

Long overdue


Super pleased to hear this (even if I object to spelling "Yay!" as "Yea!", unless you're actually at a Ren Faire): Wordcandy favorite Lisa Kleypas has agreed to write a historical romance series, and then some contemporary novels, for Avon Books...

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Oct 3 2012

Lisa Kleypas gets the Hallmark treatment


Speaking of movie adaptations of underwhelming books by otherwise excellent authors, apparently there's going to be a TV movie adaptation of Lisa Kleypas's novella Christmas Eve at Friday Harbor, to air on ABC this December. I'm torn...

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Mar 6 2012

Brace yourself


WHOA. Lisa Kleypas changed her website again! This time her web designer seems to be going for a magazine-inspired layout, which I think is... well, a mistake.

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Dec 8 2011

What's with the New Age cover art?

If you're looking forward to the upcoming Lisa Kleypas novel Rainshadow Road, the website has an exclusive excerpt of the first two chapters. They're also running a swe...

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Jun 27 2011

Signs of life

After the better part of a year, Lisa Kleypas is back: she's offering a sneak peek of her upcoming contemporary romance Rainshadow Road (not out until January, sadly), as well as an August re-rele...

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Feb 8 2011

Holiday contest

In honor of Valentine's Day, romance novelists Lisa Kleypas and Teresa Medeiros are giving away a wi-fi Kindle and a wi-fi Nook. To enter, make sure you're a member (Fan? Follower? Whatever they ...

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Aug 31 2010

Christmas (themed books) come early...

Oooh, Lisa Kleypas is releasing another holiday-themed novella (after 2008's A Wallflower Christmas). Christmas Eve at Friday Harbor will be out in late October, and appears to be the first entry...

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Mar 22 2010

Smooth Talking Stranger, by Lisa Kleypas


Smooth Talking Stranger is the third book in Lisa Kleypas's best-selling series about the wealthy, powerful, Houston-based Travis family. Kleypas's current heroine is Ella Varner, author of the p...

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Feb 22 2010

An embarrassment of riches

Whoa, what happened? Lisa Kleypas has been releasing the books in her Hathaway family series on a once-a-year schedule since 2007, but now she's putting the last two books out within a month of ea...

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Sep 22 2009

A gift from Lisa Kleypas

(Is it just me, or has Lisa Kleypas's website gotten more tasteful again? Man, don't you guys miss it back when it looked like this? Good times...)Anyway, if you take a gander at Ms. Kleypas's s...

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Apr 21 2009

New Lisa Kleypas sneak peek

For those of you reading Lisa Kleypas's excellent "Hathaways" series, she's posted a sneak peek of the next installment, Tempt Me at Twilight. Still no American cover art*, but I'm interested to s...

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Mar 2 2009

Kleypas news

There's a title and release date out for the next book in Lisa Kleypas's Hathaways series: according to Amazon, Tempt Me at Twilight will be out on September 29th. We're still waiting on the cove...

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Sep 12 2008

Lisa Kleypas book trailers!

I'm hypnotized by these:Okay, the Seduce Me at Sunrise one was awful, but the Wallflower Christmas one was kind of funny....

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May 21 2008

Lisa Kleypas to spice up the fall book season...

...with not one but two(!!!) new historicals, and it looks like A Wallflower Christmas will be coming out in HARDCOVER:(I'd be even more excited about this if the book didn't cost $16.99, which te...

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Apr 3 2008

Blue-Eyed Devil, by Lisa Kleypas


Lisa Kleypas has just released Blue-Eyed Devil, the highly anticipated sequel to her first contemporary romance release, 2007’s Sugar Daddy. As with Sugar Daddy, Blue Eyed-Devil features a few eyebrow-raising plot and characterization decisions, but the final product is romantic drama at its best...

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Oct 11 2007

Mine Till Midnight, by Lisa Kleypas


Lisa Kleypas’s Victorian romances are always first-rate, so it comes as no surprise that her most recent effort, Mine Till Midnight, is beautifully written, precisely plotted, and filled with appealing, fully developed characters. Kleypas cannibalizes some of her earlier stories for this book, but Mine Till Midnight is more than entertaining enough to rise above a few familiar plot twists...

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Aug 1 2007

Lisa Kleypas rides again!

Beloved Wordcandy author Lisa Kleypas will be releasing a new historical romance, Mine Till Midnight, on October 2nd. If interested, you can read a snippet from this novel here.Note: We hate to c...

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Apr 1 2007

Sugar Daddy, by Lisa Kleypas


Sugar Daddy, Lisa Kleypas’s first contemporary romance novel, is entertaining, well-written, and—best of all—free of anachronistic sexual politics. (Many authors* producing both contemporary and historical romances have been known to lose sight of the fact that readers have different expectations for modern characters than they do for historical ones.) Sugar Daddy features...

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Mar 20 2007


Lisa Kleypas has finally overhauled her website, and I'm surprised to say that I'm kinda sad about it (and not just because I'm now going to have to re-edit her author profile). Sure, we thought ...

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