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Oct 17 2019

Spooky on a budget #4: Literary pumpkin carving


Idea #4: Literary pumpkin carving

Okay, so you do need to shell out for the pumpkin, but imagine how impressed your neighbors will be when they see something like these...

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Oct 16 2019

Spooky on a budget #3: Decorate with free printables


Idea #3: Hit up the internet for free, literary-themed printable masks, then tape them to any face-based art in your house.

Yes, that portrait of your great aunt will look 1000% more festive...

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Oct 31 2012

Taking a detour


We had planned to conclude our Halloween coverage with a link to a collection of horror-themed webcomics found on the website Unfortunately, io9's website is currently all wonky (curse you, Sandy!), so we'll update this post when the actual link re-appears, and maybe you can read them to liven up Thanksgiving dinner...

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