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Oct 30 2018

Looking forward to it


We're cruising towards the launch of my most-anticipated K-drama of 2018: Clean With Passion For Now, and trailers are beginning to appear. This is based on a popular webcomic, and I'm a little nervous about...

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Jan 5 2017



Yesterday, The Hollywood Reporter informed me that Netflix is planning to create its first original Korean drama. Based on a popular romantic-fantasy webtoon by Kye Young Chon called Love Alarm, the 12-episode series is set to debut in 2018...

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Feb 25 2016

Crossing my fingers


There's a promising article on Dramabeans about an upcoming drama adaptation of a webtoon called Lucky Romance, which I'm eagerly looking forward to checking out when it comes out in May. The webtoon's artwork...

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Mar 17 2015

Bride of the Water God on TV?


Manga/manhwa fans take note: according to Dramabeans, Mi-Kyung Yun's popular Korean series Bride of the Water God is going to be adapted into a TV drama. The show is being developed by drama writer Jung Yoon-jung, who...

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Sep 25 2014

"Cute hipster" isn't gonna cut it.


I don't know about this, you guys. The first trailer for the Korean version of my beloved Nodame Cantabile has been posted (to be called Cantabile Tomorrow), and it has not assuaged my fears that this take on the material is going to be prettied up beyond recognition...

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Sep 8 2011

Living in denial

If, like me, you've been pleasantly surprised by the live-action version of Bisco Hatori's Ouran High School Host Club, you'll be pleased to hear they're planning a movie tie-in, too. I was parti...

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Aug 1 2011

To while away an idle hour

I finally saw the trailer for the live-action J-drama version of the manga Ouran High School Host Club. Behold:While I enjoy the silliness of the Ouran manga, and thought it worked really well as...

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Jun 9 2011

Skip Beat goes live-action

The trailer for the upcoming Taiwanese drama take on the Japanese manga Skip Beat is out:Uh... well, everyone looks pretty (particularly Korean actor Choi Siwon–that man is amazingly good-looking)...

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Jun 1 2010

Best of luck, but...

The fine people at Dramabeans have been kind enough to keep us updated on the status of the upcoming K-drama adaptation of the Japanese manga Itazura na Kiss, so we were interested to learn that H...

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Mar 5 2010

Perfect Girl Evolution

I finally watched the first episode of the J-drama Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge, which is based on one of my all-time favorite manga series, Tomoko Hayakawa's The Wallflower. For those of you unf...

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Jan 12 2010

The k-drama rides again!

Ohohoho, dear readers. Exciting news: According to Dramabeans, the Korean drama PTB have cast Lee Min-ho (of the way-more-popular-than-it-deserved-to-be drama Boys Before Flowers) in the upcoming ...

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Jan 4 2010

Cinderella's Sister

If you're still unfamiliar with K-dramas, A) you are seriously missing out, and B) you might want to start with Cinderella's Sister, an upcoming 20-episode series scheduled to begin in March. Acc...

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Nov 11 2009

Kimi wa Petto 3.0

Turns out they're making a K-drama version of one of my favorite manga titles of all time, Yayoi Ogawa's Kimi wa Petto, and it's starring Kim Hyun-joong, the gorgeous but wooden musician-turned-ac...

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Aug 6 2009


GYAH. Dramabeans says they're making a K-drama out of Itazura Na Kiss!!!Why this series? WHY?!? It's already been adapted into two enormously popular Taiwanese dramas and a Japanese anime, but non...

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Apr 28 2009

Goong's Crown Prince Shin in drug scandal

Clutch the pearls!In news that wouldn't raise many eyebrows if we were talking about his American counterparts, fantastically man-pretty Goong actor Joo Ji-hoon has been charged with drug use (of ...

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Feb 13 2009

Boys Before Flowers contest

If you're a K-drama fan with video-making skills, Dramabeans is having a Boys Before Flowers-themed giveaway. Submit your fan-made parody video for your chance to win one of three prizes.Good luck!

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Jan 7 2009

Thank you, fan-subbing gods

I asked, and whatever kind, generous, hardworking people are working on this series totally delivered! (I'd refer to the subbing group by name, but I'm not sure who they are yet.) The earliest fan...

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Jan 7 2009

Looking forward to the subs...

Dramabeans has posted her recaps of the first and second episodes of Boys Before Flowers (the Korean version of Hana Yori Dango), and her opinion seems generally positive--the show has its fair sh...

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Dec 16 2008

Behold: the F4, all costumed up!

The always-informative Dramabeans has posted several promo posters from the upcoming Korean adaptation of Boys Before Flowers:Dude, I am so excited. Everyone looks great, and we only have a few m...

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Oct 6 2008

Not as exciting as it would have been a week ago...

As an enthusiastic fan of Korean entertainment, I was very sad to hear of the suicide of actress Choi Jin-Shil, whose most recent production was the sweet, funny, Cinderella-esque k-drama My Last ...

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Sep 9 2008

Win some, lose some

According to the ever-delightful Dramabeans, the production for the Korean drama version of Kamio Yoko's manga Boys Over Flowers has been delayed due to "casting and organization" issues, and won'...

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May 22 2008

Skip Beat! to be made into a T-drama?

I'm hearing rumors that Yoshiko Nakamura's deliciously funny revenge manga Skip Beat! is going to be made into a Taiwanese drama starring Ariel Lin. Frankly, my hopes are not high.Not everything ...

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May 1 2008

Absolute Boyfriend: the drama version

I am not a fan of Yuu Watase's work (a friend made me watch all 8,000 episodes* of Fushigi Yugi in high school, and I've never fully recovered), but she's certainly enormously popular. Her series ...

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Mar 17 2008

Hana Yori Dango Version 3.0

While reading the excellent Dramabeans blog, I was delighted to see that there's going to be a K-drama adaptation of the cheese-tastic shojo manga Hana Yori Dango. I enjoyed the recent Japanese v...

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Feb 27 2008

When the licensing gods fail us…

Sometimes it's hard to be an anime/drama geek. Distribution is limited, only a fraction of the interesting projects get translated, and the stuff you'd actually pay for doesn't get licensed at al...

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