The k-drama rides again!

Ohohoho, dear readers. Exciting news: According to Dramabeans, the Korean drama PTB have cast Lee Min-ho (of the way-more-popular-than-it-deserved-to-be drama Boys Before Flowers) in the upcoming drama Personal Taste, which is apparently based on the popular novel of the same name about a straight dude who pretends to be gay in order to live with the female lead. If you cast your minds waaaay back, this is the same project that was originally rumored to star the two main actors from the slightly-more-popular-than-it-deserved-to-be drama Goong. I think I would have preferred the original pairing, but my heart wasn't set on it: either way, this sounds like the perfect set-up for the K-drama medium*, and I'm all a-flutter at the thought.

*Cute, funny, and they'll obviously have to hold off on any overt sexuality 'til the very end (lest the heroine catch on). Seriously, this sounds like it was made to be a K-drama.
Posted by: Julianka


15 Jan, 2010 03:41 PM @ version 0

Funny timing to be reading about this plot, for me, since I just finished catching up on House, including the episode in which House tries a stunt similar to that.

Gotta love those "act like a nice guy rather than just ask the girl out" plots.

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