Absolute Boyfriend: the drama version

I am not a fan of Yuu Watase's work (a friend made me watch all 8,000 episodes* of Fushigi Yugi in high school, and I've never fully recovered), but she's certainly enormously popular. Her series Absolute Boyfriend is being serialized by VIZ Media in its Shojo Beat manga anthology, and has now been made into a live-action j-drama. If you're a fan of "dramedy" romances featuring improbable love triangles (in this case, between a man, a woman, and the woman's perfect android boyfriend), you'll find this series has a lot to offer. Absolute Boyfriend can be watched via MySoju.com.

*This might be a slight exaggeration... but it certainly felt like 8,000 episodes.
Posted by: Julianka


01 May, 2008 06:15 PM @ version 0

How could anybody not like Fushigi Yugi?!? All those beautiful guys...!

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